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X-Cut: Husqvarna Introduces First In-House Saw Chain

The Husqvarna group has unveiled a newly developed saw chain in their factory in Sweden.

The performance of a chainsaw is highly dependent on the quality of the chain. Because of this, Husqvarna has now decided to start manufacturing their own saw chains. The first chain to leave the factory (SP33G) has been specially optimised for nordic regions, where the trees are mainly softwood species and have trunks with smaller diameters. But it can also be applied in consumer chainsaws anywhere.

Pavel Hajman, President of the Husqvarna Division, said that with the new X-Cut saw chains, productivity and performance of their chainsaws will be brought to a new level. The X-Cut SP33G consists of five parts: cutter, tie strap, bumper drive link, drive link and rivet. Those elements make for a chain that has a low vibration, cuts a narrow kerf and requires less power from the saw than standard cutting systems.

According to Husqvarna, the new chain brings four key benefits:

  1. Long-lasting sharpness: The X-Cut lasts supposedly 10% longer than a comparable H30 chain.
  2. Low stretch: The chain is pre-stretched at the factory, which increases the amount of time the chain can be used before re-tensioning, therefore reducing downtime.
  3. High durability: This chain was developed with a combination of advanced processes like tumbling, heat treatment, induction hardening and shot peening, leading to a reduction of abrasion and less need for service and downtime.
  4. High cutting efficiency: The X-Cut chain has been engineered with a well-balanced cutter angle. The X-Cut is said to have a 10% higher efficiency than the H30 chain.

Husqvarna works closely together with engineers and loggers, to develop a product that is on par with professional demands. Lars Strandell, multiple World Logging Champion with 30 years of logging experience, is one of those experts. „I am proud to have been a part of the development of X-Cut and excited that there is now a chain specially designed for my Husqvarna chainsaws,“ he said about his involvement.

The X-Cut SP33G is now available at the Husqvarna global network of servicing dealers in the Nordics, Baltics, UK and Ireland. The chain will be available in all remaining European markets during 2017, with other markets to follow after. The recommended price for the saw chain in Sweden is around 25 Euro for the 13-inch version and 27 Euro for the 15-inch version.

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