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Weber Christmas Survey 2014: BBQs Popular as Gift

A survey made by Weber-Stephen shows that one in three respondents are excited about giving away or receiving a BBQ as Christmas present.

BBQs and BBQ related products are popular Christmas gifts. This is the result of a survey about the consumers’ behavior in the pre-Christmas period made by Weber-Stephen and pilot Hamburg. 500 men and women who are enthusiastic about BBQ were asked about their Christmas shopping habits. According to this, 33 percent can imagine getting a BBQ for Christmas or giving one away.

Almost half of the male respondents said that they would be very happy about a BBQ as Christmas gift. For women, the fun of barbecuing lies in the social event of spending a night with family or friends. 89 percent of them think that a BBQ as a collective purchase or as a present for the partner is a good idea.

André Palm, Marketing Director Central Europe of Weber-Stephen Deutschland GmbH, confirms: “The Christmas sales are becoming more and more important to us. This is why we are supporting our sales partners with POS concepts together with our Christmas offers.”

Other results show, that 70 percent of the respondents are willing to pay 100-500 Euros for a BBQ as gift. The survey also shows that the internet as a source of inspiration is as important as personal recommendations from friends. 50 percent of the people asked inform themselves online about Christmas presents. 61 percent still visit retailers for consultation.

Weber-Stephen is a regular exhibitor of the spoga+gafa garden trade fair in Cologne.

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