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Viteo Outdoors: Cosy cushions for next summer

Knitting is currently experiencing a huge revival – not only for sweaters and socks, the knitting look is back on the agenda, today you can also discover knitted works of art in public spaces. Whether lantern piles, tree stems or postboxes, apparently nothing is safe from the guerrilla knitters and their wool.

The trend to knit has also been taken up by the Austrian Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer Viteo. At garden fair spoga+gafa 2012 they presented knitted cushions for outdoor furniture. Viteo knitwear is available in three patterns in nine colours each, in two sizes of 40 x 40 cm or 60 x 60 cm. The knit yarn is suitable for outdoor-use and UV-resistant, the inner life of the cushion is water insensible, so Viteo.

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