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Velda‘s Floating Fish Dome is a Fish Eye for Garden Ponds

This stylish gadget allows pond owners to have close fascinating looks at their slippery friends.

More and more, people are coming to see that pond fish are social animals, and that interaction goes much further than just throwing a handful of feed into the pond and observing the fish. Watching fish becomes a unique experience with this floating perspex transparent ball in the pond. The fish come and take a peek in the ball regularly, and that produces fantastic images.

The Floating Fish Dome works best if the fish get used to it early on as a new source of food, by putting treats into the ball from below. After a while, they will include the ball in their daily route. The Floating Fish Dome is also an excellent method to check if the fish are healthy.

Velda will be present at the spoga+gafa garden trade fair in Cologne from August 30th to September 1st, 2015 in hall 10.1, stand A015/A021.

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