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VDM Survey: The Materials of Choice for Outdoor Furniture?

People continue to invest ever-larger sums of money in their gardens, balconies and terraces. For which reason the VDM Association of German Furniture Manufacturers wanted to find out what materials have the greatest market share in the construction of outdoor furniture. Recent research by the VDM showed that at present 35 percent of German Garden furniture is made of wood – with the trend continuing upwards.

Wood is a natural and renewable resource, and increasingly popular with customers. Not far behind, about 30 percent of outdoor furniture is made of plastic, including the highly popular and robust basket-woven fibre products. The ‘smallest’ main materials sector is that for metal furniture.

Of course, all three materials are often found in combination with each other, together with other materials such as stone and glass. The survey also included mention of other materials making up less than ten percent, such as rattan, cork and textiles.

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