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unique youngstar: the nominated projects (part 5)

Seewald, sliced lamp & Bochum

In our fifth and last part of our series on this year’s nominated projects in the unique youngstar contest, we introduce Juliane Fuchs from Germany. Besides Juliane, 14 designers and design teams have been nominated for the title. They are all looking forward to spoga+gafa 2017 where the winners of the jury prizes and the audience award will be announced.


Juliane Fuchs

Juliane Fuchs (Germany): „sliced lamp“– the shareable outdoor lamp

How did your idea evolve? What inspired you?

As the name “sliced lamp” already suggests, the idea evolved from sliced bread, baguette or something similar. If you cut or “slice” things, as a result, you receive many different parts that can be shared. The situation is quite similar with the “sliced lamp”: You can place it at different locations or give it to several people at a garden party, for example.

What special characteristics and qualities does your product have?

The advantage of the “sliced lamp” lies in its incredible versatility. Thanks to the battery, you can take this lamp with you wherever you go and use it indoors as well as outdoors, as a single modular unit or as a set. As there are several ways to attach it, you can create every light situation you can imagine.


If you want to get an impression of the nominated designs, you can do so – just like every year – at this year’s spoga+gafa. The prototypes will be presented to the trade audience in the garden unique Bistro (Hall 10.2). This is also where the winners of the unique youngstar will be distinguished on the first day of the trade fair (3 September) at 4:00 p.m. Prize-money to the total value of Euro 7,000 (1st to 3rd place and the public prize) will be awarded. Moreover, the finalists can of course look forward to a high international awareness for their designs.


If you don’t want to wait for the trade fair to see more from our nominees and their prototypes, visit our Facebook channel and watch the videos that our finalists made for you. Like and share to support our young talents!


For all of you who haven’t voted for their favorite design yet, here’s where you can give your voice: 


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