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unique youngstar: the nominated projects (part 4)

Pflanzen Talje, Rain Flower Walk & Sitzen stehend Leute

A total of 15 young designers and design teams have been nominated for the unique youngstar and are aspiring for this year’s title. The three jury winners and the audience award will be announced at spoga+gafa. In our new series, we take a look at the nominated projects on the theme of Outdoor Living and let the designers speak for themselves. Today, we introduce Jessica Bizzoni from Italy and Jessica Bruni, Amélie Ikas and Chris Walter from Germany.


Jessica Bizzoni

Jessica Bizzoni (Italy): Rain Flower Walk

How did your idea evolve? What inspired you?

With Rain Flower Walk I wanted to show that the correlation between sound, people’s movement and landscape is possible. Inspired by the picturesque landscape of the Dutch town of Venhuizen, A Rain Flower is composed by disc, nuts and bended stem made of stainless steel. The flowers are organised along a walking path and, once raining, the composition will be perceived with different tempos depending on how fast you walk through it. Rain Flower Walk let people have a personal sound experience of the landscape. 

What opportunities do you see in the outdoor living section for today’s aspiring designers? 

Playing with the acoustic surrounding in the outdoor is a big area to explore. There is much more to design then approaching the acoustic of outdoor space as a noise control project. 


Jessica Bruni

Jessica Bruni (Germany): Pflanzen Talje plant bag

What does the nomination for the unique youngstar mean for you?

For me, the nomination is another motivator to stand up for what I do and what I believe in. Exhibiting at the trade fair makes it possible to reach greater attention.

Do you already know what the next step is for your design?

The design of the plant bag is a hybrid of semi-finished products and a special fabrication to make series production easier. Up until this competition, the prototype had been waiting packed away in boxes. It would be great to go into series production.


Amélie Ikas & Chris Walter

Amélie Ikas and Chris Walter (Germany): Sitzen stehend Leute bench

What special characteristics and qualities does your product have?

Our bench Sitzen stehend Leute is a mobile and flexible seat. It adapts to its users and their conversation by interacting with them. As it is reshaped, the conversation takes on a form. Sitzen stehend Leute acts like the backdrop to the conversation and recalls it for a short time by maintaining its form.

How do you rate trade fairs like spoga+gafa as platforms for networking and sources of inspiration in general?

We see spoga+gafa primarily as an opportunity for networking and for exchanging ideas. For young designers, trade fairs like this are tremendously important for making contacts and getting feedback on their ideas. You can’t get this kind of new perspective on your product in a student environment.



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