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unique youngstar: the nominated projects (part 3)

Städler Made, Digger & 7M Chair

Within the newcomer competition unique youngstar, 15 young designers have been selected and are aspiring for this year’s title. The announcement of the three jury winners and the audience award will take place at spoga+gafa 2017.In our new series, we take a look at the nominated projects and let the designers speak for themselves. Today, we introduce Samuel Shoham from Israel, Pieter Städler from the Netherlands and Ara Thorose from the United States.


Samuel Shoham

Samuel Shoham (Israel): “Digger” outdoor reuse product

How did your idea evolve? What inspired you?

The product evolved out of my own personal needs, which came up while hiking: When out on a trek, I’d often subside on canned food. After the can was used I would carry it until reaching a waste bin. The idea of being encumbered by extra weight bothered me so I thought of a tool that would reuse the can and give it new life. 

To what extent do you think your exhibition at spoga+gafa will help you market your work?

My hopes from being given the opportunity to display my project at spoga+gafa are to connect with other designers who are interested in the outdoors and perhaps create a coproduction with other, like-minded designers.


Pieter Städler

Pieter Städler (Netherlands): “Städler Made” outdoor oven

How did your idea evolve? What inspired you?

For the last few years, I have been teaching myself how to make the silkiest, stretchiest pizza dough and then began to experiment with making pizzas at home. Without the money to invest in one of the big Italian-style pizza ovens – or the space to accommodate one, I went about designing my one wood-fired oven. Through this, I accumulated a great deal of experience which has now resulted in this new design – made entirely from sheets of laser cut corten steel, which can be assembled at home, without the need for any tools.

What motivated you to apply for the unique youngstars contest?

I am fascinated with outdoor living, especially with outdoor cooking. So when my good friend told me about this contest I knew I had to go and see this fair. I am very curious to see what the other contesters made and I am looking forward to meeting the other people that are sharing the fascination for the outdoor living.


Ara Thorose

Ara Thorose (USA): “7M Chair”

How did your idea evolve? What inspired you?

I’m an independent artist with a masters in 3D design. The concept for my work came about through a process I call play as research. I conduct material experiments and discover their potential for use.

To what extent do you think your participation in this contest will help you market your work?

I’m excited to participate in this competition and hope to engage with others pursuing innovation in the field.


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