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unique youngstar: The nominated projects (Part 2)

Solo, Merula & Rolling Table

15 young designers and designer teams are nominated for the unique youngstar 2017 and are competing for this year’s title. The three jury winners and the public prize winner will be distinguished at spoga+gafa.In random order, we are presenting the nominated drafts on the theme “Outdoor Living” to you here and are letting the designers have their say. Today: Johannes Bauer and Gregor Stober, the DODO Design Office as well as Philipp Möbius from Germany.


Gregor Stober & Johannes Bauer

Johannes Bauer and Gregor Stober: “Rolling Table” camping table

What does the nomination for the unique youngstar 2017 mean to you?

Since we only started taking our degree a year ago, this nomination is good motivation and a great start to our design career. We are curious to see what awaits us in the future and which challenges we will have to face.

Will the prototype of your design draft be mass produced one day?

We will pursue our idea and further develop the prototype of the rolling table. There are still a few elements that we are not satisfied with, which have to be improved. Of course, after further developing the draft it would be nice if this table could be mass produced.


Simon Frambach, Fabian Kolpack & Nina Eberhard

DODO Design Office – Nina Eberhard, Simon Frambach, Fabian Kolpack: “Solo” vases

How did your idea evolve? What inspired you?

A storm, which distributed branches, leaves and petals everywhere inspired us. We wanted to draw attention to the details of such individual objects using the vase series SOLO. We always look for the simplest way to go about new projects and a clear and reduced product to convey our idea.

How do you assess the opportunities that the young designer competition offers aspiring designers?

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you once again for the nomination. Being able to exhibit here is a fantastic opportunity. It is the ideal platform for products on the theme of outdoor design to give one the chance to possibly come into dialogue with the right people.


Philipp Moebius

Philipp Möbius: “Merula” bird house

Is there a personal story behind your draft?

The task at hand was to design a bird house for birds that don’t fly to the South during the winter. I chose the blackbird because it is one of my favourite native birds. The shape originated from the need for digging for insects and from my fascination for origami.

What does the nomination mean to you in terms of your further design career?

The nomination means a great deal to me personally, because it shows me that my design is appealing. I will definitely try to work in the product design area more because at the moment I am mostly involved in architecture. At the moment some new pieces of work are evolving that are without doubt resulting from the energy I am drawing from this competition.


Choose your favourite for the public prize of the unique youngstar 2017 here:



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