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unique youngstar: the nominated projects (part 1)

Rotate, Lightly & Concave

Within the newcomer competition unique youngstar, 15 young designers have been selected and are aspiring for this year’s title. The announcement of the three jury winners and the audience award will take place at spoga+gafa 2017.

In our new series, we take a look at the nominated projects and let the designers speak for themselves. Today, we start with Gal Bulka & idan Noyberg from Israel, Christian Heikoop from the United States, and Maria Ovchinnikov from Russia.


Gal Bulka & Idan Noyberg

Gal Bulka & Idan Noyberg (Israel): “Lightly” solar clothes peg

How did your idea evolve? What inspired you?

We wanted to give a sustainable twist to this ordinary household item so it could light up the cityscape and add a visual contribution to the street area while maintaining an environmentally friendly design.

What opportunities and challenges do you see in the outdoor living section for today’s aspiring designers?

Outdoor spaces have become an integral part of our daily life. We believe that as we expand our time outside, we need to make smart use of this environment. As designers, we must promote products with smart, delicate and ecological designs that allow our gardens and outdoor spaces to be pleasant places.


Christian Heikoop

Christian Heikoop (United States): “Concave” outdoor furniture family

How did your idea evolve? What inspired you?

The “Concave” family is made from a single material; the exploration of the materials properties and possibilities lead to new construction language which is a visual result shaped by its connections.

To what extent do you think your participation in the competition and the exhibition will help you market your work?

The opportunity to exhibit at spoga+gafa gives the change to stand beside the best of the industry, it’s a great moment to touch base with the professional segment and the benefits of profiling yourself and your work


Maria Ovchinnikov

Maria Ovchinnikov (Russia): “Rotate” set of an outdoor fire related objects

What special characteristics and qualities does your product possess?

I try to combine relaxing (fire pit) and cooking (grill, table) functions in a simple and quite compact object to fits even a very small exterior areas. Also I`m thinking of possibilities to use wood burning fireplace and charcoal grill at the same time, just to cook among your friends enjoying an open fire.

To what extent do you think your participation in the competition and the exhibition will help you market your work?

For me as a young deisgner it is really important to participate at exhibitions. When you show your product at exhibition, you get the realistic feedback from high professionals and customers to see real potential of your work (weak and strong sides) it all helps you to improve your product.


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