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unique youngstar: Interview with jury member Monica Förster

Monica Förster © Camilla Lindqvist

The nominated projects for unique youngstar, the young designers’ competition organised by spoga+gafa, have been announced. Monica Förster is a renowned Swedish designer and member of the jury. We spoke to her about this year’s nominations, her work and current trends in outdoor design.

UNNA Lounge Chair © Zanat

Monica Förster, you are a member of the jury for this year’s unique youngstar, the design contest organised by spoga+gafa. Looking at the competition entries, what interesting aspects did you notice?

When suggesting and selecting design concepts, I think about different things. The aim is to nominate entries that reflect a wider perspective on design. Design, innovation, playfulness, sustainability and poetry are some of the ingredients that we have looked at and included this year.

MARBLE 4420 Flowertable © Svenskt Tenn

Which particular characteristics do you expect to play a key role in design for outdoor spaces in the near future?

The use of more durable and sustainable materials is especially important. Flexibility is another design aspect that is becoming increasingly important.

SUN, CAKE, DOT Tables © Nola

Your own design approach is characterised by a strong sense of pure form mixed with a curiosity about new materials and technology. What do you yourself see as your main influences?

My influences come from everywhere – from meeting people and travelling and from innovations, sustainability, new technologies and new business ideas. Society is changing, and there is always demand for new products. I think now is a very interesting time. It pushes you, and you can’t just rest. You need to move forwards and have to think in new ways. That fits my way of working very well.

Flowerpot © Skultuna

Is there a specifically Nordic touch to your design?

Yes, we have a very strong foundation in Swedish minimalism. It is a humanistic minimalism, warm and soft. However, the starting point for our design is not the form. It’s always the idea, the concept and the question: why?

Monica Förster is the creator of some of the most internationally renowned objects in contemporary Swedish design. Her design studio is based in Stockholm and works internationally with leading companies.



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