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unique youngstar: 3 questions to Nadine Kümmel

Nadine Kümmel, „Tauko“ chair Copyright: Nadine Kümmel
Nadine Kümmel, „Tauko“ chair / Copyright: Nadine Kümmel

“spoga+gafa was a starting signal for me” – Nadine Kümmel said about her participation in the unique youngstar competition. The young designer was nominated for the aspiring young designer contest twice which enabled her to expand her professional network. Three questions on her understanding of design and the way from the contest to business.

How do you assess the opportunities that the young designer competition of spoga+gafa offers aspiring designers – particularly with regards to the theme of outdoor design?
The competition is a fantastic chance for young designers to present themselves and their own work. The degree of attention is very high especially at the trade fair, which is particularly helpful when one is at the beginning of one’s career and is looking for the right production partners. For me, outdoor design is a growing market because more and more people are creating their own open-air oasis and are becoming more demanding when it comes down to selecting the furniture and items.

„Josefine“ sunbed, design: Nadine Kümmel / Copyright: Nadine Kümmel


You have taken part in the unique youngstar competition twice. What experiences did you make in the proceeds and how did the competition support you in your work?
I was of course delighted to be able to exhibit at spoga+gafa twice and this was confirmation for my work. In both cases it was particularly helpful to be able to present my design to a wide public, get feedback and subsequently be able to improve the products. Of course, I also expanded my professional network as a result of the competition and established important contacts, which also led to orders being placed. In addition, the trade fair is of course also a source of inspiration for further work and projects.

Where do you think the biggest challenges are for upcoming designers today?
Designers are faced with many challenges today. Our society becomes increasingly more fast-paced. At the same time, people want to be able to rely on products and feel safe and secure in their living spaces. Design can have a large influence here. Parallel to this the theme of sustainability becomes more and more important. It is no easy task, but also in price-aggressive markets one can contribute as a designer towards developing products in an environmentally sound and economically viable way. The most important thing here is always making sure the user is the centre of attention.

The submission phase for this year’s unique youngstar is still open until 1 April 2017: Application form unique youngstar Award 2017

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