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unique youngstar 2017: Interview with the winner Jessica Bruni

Jessica Bruni with Catja Caspary (Head of Home and Garden business division of Koelnmesse) and jury member Martin Königer (Pavilla Exterieur) © Koelnmesse

Jessica Bruni was distinguished with the unique youngstar 2017 award at spoga+gafa for her project “Plants Talje”. We spoke to the designer about her exceptional design and about what the young designer award means for her work.

Jessica Bruni, what is the concept behind your award-winning design “Plants Talje” and what was your source of inspiration?

I created the design for my diploma thesis, which was based on three themes: textile plant bags, easy-to-care hanging plants and irrigation systems. The concept of a water indicator arose from this. The plant bag with the dry substrate had a counterweight at the ratio of 3:1. When the plants are watered they become heavier and sink downwards. The more water they subsequently need the lighter they become and rise upwards. Smart objects were my source of inspiration here. My design works similar to a smart object, but in a mechanical way.


What does winning the unique youngstar 2017 award mean to you?

The competition was a unique opportunity to show my diploma thesis to a broader public. The collaboration with the trade fair for the presentation of the design for the exhibition worked very well. I hadn’t expected to win first prize now already. It is great motivation for my work and it would be fantastic if the design could be produced. I established some good contacts at the fair, so I am very optimistic.

„Plants Talje“ by Jessica Bruni at spoga+gafa 2017 © Koelnmesse

Which experiences have you made so far at spoga+gafa?

The exchange with experts is the most important factor for me at the fair. I have held some very interesting discussions here, which both sides profit from.


Which challenges do you see for young designers today?

In the product design section, I notice more and more that designers are also taking over responsibility for the production of their designs. As a result many of them spend less time designing. I think things have to change here and the industry should perhaps rely more on the manufacturing concept to also produce smaller volumes.

„Plants Talje“ by Jessica Bruni © Jessica Bruni

What special design characteristics do you fundamentally expect for the outdoor section?

In this day and age it becomes increasingly important to create a personal space in the garden – a small paradise. The design should satisfy this demand.


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