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Two Way Watering Pot: Decoration With Double Function

This watering pot does not need to be hidden away: The Greek designer Aristotelis Barakos has created a watering pot that is also a vase. The Two Way Watering Pot serves both as a functional and decorative item for the household.

Because of the spouts that produce different water streams this pot provides two alternative choices in watering plants by hand. One works as a “sprinkler” and breaks up the stream of water into droplets. It is ideal when the user wants to avoid excessive water pressure on the soil or on delicate plants. A narrower spout is to be found opposite to the “sprinkler” and gives the option for a more efficient watering at the root zone. When not used as a watering device, the Two Way Watering Pot can be adorned with flowers or a decorative twig.

The industrial and product designer Aristotelis Barakos has worked as a model maker and constructor for major international film and museum productions before he graduated at the AKTO Art & Design College in Athens in 2013. His goal is to create unique and human-centered products, by combining technology with human factors, ergonomics and design thinking.

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