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Landscape Design: Plans for Tropical Park in Hong Kong Unveiled

Rendering - Photo: MIR
Rendering – Photo: MIR

In our new series „Green globe – the world’s most exciting garden projects”, we will present green projects from all over the world – innovative landscape designs, garden classics in a new outfit, sustainable ideas against grey townscapes or parcs that make green hearts beat faster. Today, we’re starting with a project that brings plant diversity to one of the world’s biggest metropolises: Taikoo Place in Hong Kong.

With a selection of native trees, Taikoo Place is going to raise awareness about the biodiversity of the local landscapes in the middle of the metropolis.

Hong Kong is an urban melting pot with over seven million people, surrounded by an astounding natural landscape. In the hills around Hong Kong, a lush vegetation with hundreds of plants is thriving and providing the inhabitants with fresh clean air. In the city centre however, green spaces are rare. A new landscaping project, designed by landscape architecture firm Gustafson Porter + Bowman, wants to make a change.

Plan - Photo: Gustafson Porter + Bowman
Plan – Photo: Gustafson Porter + Bowman

Green and Sustainable Development

Taikoo Place, an inclusive open space which will include native vegetation and sculptural water features, will be located on the northern side of Hong Kong Island. The 69,000 sqft landscape project will be comprised of a sequence of areas ranging from small intimate places around water to gather with friends and colleagues, to larger open areas suitable for events such as jazz concerts and outdoor markets. The design for the largest space, Taikoo Square, gives the impression of a series of terraces and is typified by two large longitudinal pools connected by a cascade and a small water table.

Densely planted tropical plants framed by sculpted stonework will create refined spaces and a calm atmosphere. Shade will be provided from more than 70 trees. To promote biodiversity and raise public awareness of Hong Kong’s heritage of Fung Shui woodlands, 53 of the trees will be native species, grown specifically for the project. Fung Shui woodlands are remnants of native woodlands which are protected from agricultural clearances due to their spiritual significance. At Taikoo Place, these remnant species have found a new home and bring additional natural elements to an otherwise dense urban space.

Rendering - Photo: MIR
Rendering – Photo: MIR

Taikoo Place Expected to be Finished in 2021

The development of the green space follows the demolition of two existing towers. The park is going to be an extension of two new office buildings. The first new tower, One Taikoo Place, is expected to be completed in 2018, followed by the second building, Two Taikoo Place, in 2021. Both office towers will be built to the highest standards of building sustainability, targeting LEED Platinum ratings.

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