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Trinity Hammocks: Relaxing Together

These hammocks turn “hanging out” into a social experience.

Lying in a hammock is the epitome of blissful idleness. But usually hammocks are a solitary joy because of the way they are constructed; you have to find a place where two trees or poles stand in the right distance from each other and more than often this is not where the other people are.

Trinity Hammocks are a unique way of sharing the hammock experience. The hammocks are put up in a triangular way, so that three people are able to lie together and enjoy the warm breeze in the garden, at the beach or anywhere else outdoors.

Trinity Hammocks offer two models: “Eternity” reminds of a luxurious pavilion, with a gazebo roof made of cream coloured fabric, while “Infinity” has a more modern design – the structure is made of three rings that appear to be leaning against each other. Both products are made of stainless steel and are three meters in diameter.

There are three different fabrics for the Trinity Hammocks: “Sunbrella” is a cream coloured, quilted fabric, “Phifertex” is a breathable grass and sand coloured vinyl coated woven polyester fabric. You can also order hand quilted hammocks, made from acrylic fiber and woven by the Mlabri tribe of Thailand.

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  1. Gérald Boucher | | Reply


    J’aimerais connaître le coût de vos hammacs . Je serai bientôt en Thailande et suis intéressé au marché mexicain.

    Bien à vous

    Gérald Boucher

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