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Trends for indoor plants: wild, design-oriented, decorative

Barletta Hängeampel – Foto: Soendgen Keramik, Loft – Foto: fleur ami, Anthurien – Foto:, Kalanchoe – Foto:
f.t.l.t.b.r.: Barletta Hängeampel – Foto: Soendgen Keramik, Loft – Foto: fleur ami, Anthurien – Foto:, Kalanchoe – Foto:

Since plants have been kept in rooms, they too have been subject to fashions and trends. At the moment, primarily three trends are apparent in German apartments.

The one has a nostalgic touch and may remind some people of the 1980s. At the time the Green Party in Germany was young, plant power was celebrated and ecology became a political argument. Green living was a statement. The new urban jungle is reminiscent of this age. Lush green has left its box seat on the window sill to find a new home in the middle of the room, hanging from the ceiling, twisting and winding. It is the passionate plant lovers, who occupy themselves with the culture and care of houseplants and attribute a far more important role to them as that of merely being decorative.

The second trend concentrates predominantly on the aesthetic role of plants. Here, design is important. The plants have to fit in with the interior design and upgrade the habitat atmosphere with living green, albeit completely without the jungle factor. Here, the plants are strictly controlled in striking pots, often positioned as a monotonous series or even in picture frames on the wall. The growth of the plants plays a subordinate role here. The ensemble between the pot and the plant as a unit is what counts and what creates the visual impression.

Always something new and different – variety is the third trend: Indoor plants as room ornaments, for decorating and staging scenes. These plants convince with their seasonal charm, with their bright colours and above all with their robustness. Anthuriums are among these robust potted plants, but also the large group of kalanchoe. They are all affordable, compete with cut flowers, but on the other hand excel because they last much longer. They are popular gifts that people buy for themselves and others.

The many different forms of appearance can be attributed to the gardening fervour. Whereas anthuriums were only available in red originally, the retail trade offers them in many shades nowadays from white, light green, orange and pink through to dark red and even chocolate brown. The wide assortment of kalanchoe also invites the hobby gardeners to experiment and improvise. In the case of this group the border between indoor, balcony and terrace plants becomes blurred. Everything one likes is allowed. This applies for both the location and the plant pot. The plants serve to set the scene, as temporary decorations and add a splash of colour to the grey of everyday life.

Barletta ceramic pots – Photo: Soendgen Keramik

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    Interesting article! Indoor plants can prove to be a valuable weapon to fighting the rising levels of indoor pollution. These are best solution to improve air quality of any home. They all add a special feeling to home. Thanks for sharing.

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