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TreeYoga: Getting to New Heights

TreeYoga is the combination of yoga practice with the love for trees into a challenging and joyful outdoor experience.

Developed from thousand year old hinduistic traditions, yoga is one of the best ways to bring body and mind into harmony. The performance of the yogic postures, or asanas, is helping people all over the world to reduce stress, calm down, and train their flexibility. The benefits of yoga have been proven again and again in scientific studies and are by no means restricted to people with an esoteric belief system.

TreeYoga takes the yogic postures from the mat into the trees. With the help of special slings, it is possible to stretch and open the body in ways, that would otherwise not be possible. The hips are strengthened, as is the upper body and the back. The practice itself is less formal then normal yoga exercises, it is more about enjoying nature. Because of the unusual postures there is also a lot of laughing involved, which brings a positive vibe to the sport.

The TreeYoga creators Hal Pruessner and Helen Stutchbury have patented the TreeYoga Multi-Sling Kit which is necessary for a safe practice in the trees. It is a set of two red padded body slings and one or more blue unpadded tree slings constructed of industrial strength sling material and heavy duty thread into interlocked loops. The red slings are padded with a thick, comfortable neoprene insert for maximum comfort, and together the kit weighs about 2 pounds, but can carry up to 7500 pounds of pressure.

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