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Trees in Giant Flowerpots Green the Centre of Dijon

The classic Place Darcy in Dijon, France has undergone a major refurbishment. Giant Flowerpots have been placed above the new underground parking garage, half submerged in the square’s paving.

French landscape architect, Alfred Peter, is responsible for the innovative design. The classic square has been given a green layer, which is pleasing to the eye. An arboretum of 55 different trees in a geometric pattern has been created, the shade of which offers a pleasant retreat on hot days. The large flowerpots, with a maximum diameter of 240 cm, have been manufactured using bio composite with natural fibres. The rims of the pots form circular benches around the trees, offering the opportunity to sit down, which is especially useful near tram stations. The special Treetec® System combined with 3.5 m³ substrate allows the trees to fully develop in the urban climate.

The Giant Flowerpots are being produced by the Dutch company Streetlife, who also offer street furniture, tree products, bridges and decking materials for landscape architects. Founded by designer Peter Krouwel, Streetlife has offices in Scandinavia, Dubai and America.

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