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Tinozza Cooking Stations for Outdoor Kitchens

Minacciolos is a manufacturer with a deep understanding of Italian tradition, eco-friendly and nature-based production as well as a great consideration for the free expression of its designers.

“Tinozza” is an object that derives from the tradition, but has been redesigned with garments making it suitable for even the most modern ambiance. The structure is made with strips of oak wood, and bands are in black steel.

This object, free-standing, is available in three versions: the simple version, which has a comfortable work surface is available in beech or steel and comes in various finishes. A version with a sink basin, which may be accompanied by a modern black basin, and finally the cooking version which is equipped with two gas burners.

The tub is in black metal. The unmistakable “Tomato” knob allows anyone to adjust the intensity and temperature of the water with a few simple movements. Everything is functional and designed to offer an innovative product, but for confident use.

The lower part of  “Tinozza” is openable and exceptionally versatile in its use. The version with a double basin has a practical container for recycling, which is also removable. The versions with a worktop and cooking space have a convenient drawer to store cutlery or objects.

The version with hob is equipped with two gas burners built in steel with a suggested black metal plate. As for the other two versions, the surface is framed by a metal band as an integral element.

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