The Polish paradise

After decades of austerities, the Polish have an accumulated demand for luxury, real treats and a lofty life style. This can also be seen in their gardens, at least in those of the affluent Poles – and there are increasingly more of them.

The Polish gross domestic product amounted to 334bn Euros in 2010 and the current economic growth rate is at 3.9 per cent. In the wake of the country’s twenty years of dramatic progress first successes have become apparent. Gardening is now very in vogue in Poland – and it is a very serious matter. The favourite garden trend in Poland is the designed and artistic garden. Polish gardeners invest a lot of time, money and effort in their gardens, but for them the garden is anything but a private affair. They invite their friends, relatives and neighbours to their gardens to admire and praise how beautifully they have laid it out. Thus, for very many Polish gardeners the garden is a tool to impress others by demonstrating the state of economic well-being. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that garden bloggers’ favourite topics are how to organise a decent garden party and what furniture to use. Creating a highly fashionable garden with impressing water and light effects is another important topic amongst Polish garden bloggers. However, what might be impressing in spring and summer can easily become a severe source of frustration in winter. Cleaning and rinsing of ponds and fountains may then turn out to be a problem. Smart and prosperous Poles have a winter garden from which they and their guests can admire the winter landscape in the beautiful garden warm and cosy.

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