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The Micro-Planter Chess Set

Chess: One of the oldest, most popular and most complex board games ever created. For hundreds of years people have wrecked their brains over the positions of the 32 black and white pieces. Countless designs of the King and his army have been made over the time, either hand-crafted or made in factories. The latest developments of the 3D printing technology make it now possible to realize unusual designs without manual labor or going into mass production.

The Micro Planter Chess Set is designed by the XYZ Workshop, a creative team of husband and wife specialising in 3D printed curiosities. The idea is that you can grow different herbs or succulents in the pots and give the game of chess an individual note that can be seen, smelled and felt. The design of the pieces reminds of the Bauhaus style with simple and strong geometric forms.

Anyone who is interested and has access to a 3D-printer can download the design files and start printing their own chessboard.

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