The Lightness of Being

Younger consumers in particular are looking to “chill out” and relax outdoors – but things have to be chic.

So for the 2013 season, manufacturers are presenting casual, cool lounge sofas and playful creations which invite people to just “hang out”. Furniture boasts quality materials and elegant designs without giving the effect of being too formal. And comfy, cosy outdoor cushions mustn’t be forgotten. Seating systems are particularly practical as they have been designed to be easily rearranged, again and again.

An easy and relaxed atmosphere can also be created on a balcony or terrace by airy webbed furniture, with pieces that are elegantly formed and have fine structural lines that create a fascinating play of light and shadow. There are a number of different types of these filigree pieces – from furniture made of parquetry or having rungs to pieces with textile webbing or metallic latticework. In the course of all this, one classic style in particular is enjoying a renaissance – the spaghetti chair. New materials are opening up fresh design possibilities for manufacturers helping to drive this trend.


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