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The Gardens of the World – the center of international garden and landscape artistry in Berlin

The English Garden was designed by the Austin-Smith:Lord office. Among others, a thatched cottage, a rose garden, a kitchen garden characterized by shrubs and an orchard can be found on six hectares of space. – Photo: Grün Berlin GmbH

In the summer of 2017 the International Horticultural Exposition (IGA) was staged in Berlin. The “Gardens of the World” (Gärten der Welt), which previously already existed in the district Marzahn-Hellersdorf were integrated into the exhibition. Following the necessary dismantling work after the IGA, the “Gardens of the World” opened their doors again in December 2017.

International garden art from different epochs and regions can be experienced in an impressive and diversified manner in the “Gardens of the World”. Thousand-year-old traditions meet contemporary landscape art here. Whether oriental, Asian, Australian, South American, African or European: The garden is a place of peace, beauty and joy in all cultures of the world. This common feature is demonstrated by a wide range of forms of garden all around the globe – and of course also in the elaborately designed “Gardens of the World” in Berlin.

In the scope of the IGA, the unique ensemble of international garden art was extended to span 43 hectares and in addition to ten traditional theme gardens also presents eight contemporary garden cabinets from five continents. This was rounded off by further attractive offers including a large tropical house as well as a modern visitor centre with an exhibition section. Furthermore, as one of the largest open-air galleries in Berlin, the “Gardens of the World” offer artistic discoveries that range from expressive sculptures and interactive sound installations through to a walk-in labyrinth of mirrors. To commemorate the re-opening the cabin cable car, which was built for the IGA 2017, will be back in operation. In future it will connect the “Gardens of the World” with the Kienberg Park that opened in 2018.


The Chinese Garden that opened in the year 2000, was created by the Peking-based "Institute for Classic Landscape Gardening". Two landscape architects and 18 gardeners were sent to Berlin for three years to complete the project. – Photo: Grün Berlin GmbH

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