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Or is it just German angst?

The garden is a dangerous place!
Or is it just German angst?

Springtime is gardening time and gardening is fun and relaxing. While digging in the ground, planting flowers and pruning shrubs and trees, one may begin get carried away in thought or even ponder on all the evils of the world that are so far away for the garden. But are they really that far away?

No, they are not, because your garden is full of dangers and accident hazards. A recent study by the Association of German Insurance Companies (GDV) shows that every year more than 100.000 people suffer an accident in their gardens. However, there is no need to worry as long as you follow some safety regulations. Garden accidents mostly happen when working with electrical devices like lawn mowers, hedge trimmers or loppers. More than 34 per cent of all accidents in the garden affect hands and fingers. Whenever electrical devices are being used you must take utmost care and always pull the plug before touching the blades, e.g. when removing small branches or other objects that block the blades. Using a ladder can also be risky if you climb it too carelessly. Before you climb the ladder, make sure that it stands on solid and even ground. The higher you climb the ladder the more important it is, to have another person to secure the ladder whilst you are on it.

Children are exposed to a number of other dangers in your garden. Do you have a pond or a rainwater tank in your garden? Then you ought to make sure that your kids can’t fall into it. Little children can drown in very shallow water and, thus, even your baby’s paddling pool can be a jeopardous toy. Therefore, children should always be supervised whilst playing in the garden. Another source of evil is poisonous plants. Are you really sure that the plants in your garden are harmless in case your child should try to find out how these leaves or inviting berries taste? If you want to be on the safe side, you should contact your local nurseryman and ask his advice.

If you have eliminated all these dangers from your garden, it’s time for a relaxing barbecue. But be careful! Danger lies here too! Never ever use combustive agents like rectified spirits, because that could cause severe burn wounds. And, by all means, keep your kids off the hot grill! Their little fingers are not fireproof!

And? Are you still having fun in your garden? Fine, but are you then just careless or simply not German? Do you think that all these warnings and fears are part of the German angst, or is it justified to warn against these dangers in the garden? Do you know how many people in your country have an accident in the garden or is that figure completely irrelevant to you and your fellow countrymen? Let us know how careless or how cautiously you do the gardening.

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