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Terra!: Grow Your Own Furniture

Terra! is a grass armchair everybody can grow in their own garden.

Terra! is a new way to look at garden furniture. Buyers do not get a finished piece but only a framework. Made of cardboard, the frame has to be erected and filled with soil, something every garden has in abundance. The owner then has to care for a while for its new furniture by seeding and watering it. Slowly, the  armchair becomes overgrown with grass. After a while, it is a part of the garden itself.

The idea for Terra! comes from the designers at Studio Nucleo from Italy. Andrea Sanna and Piergiorgio Robino already had a lot of success with Terra a couple of years back. The armchair was presented on several fairs and exhibitions and thousands of them were sold. In 2005, the production came to a halt because it wasn’t sustainable anymore. Then, not long ago, Studio Nucleo received a letter in which someone wanted a Terra! chair for their new garden. This rekindled their passion for this product and an updated version was developed. The Terra! V2.0 is slightly smaller than the previous model to better respond to transport needs and it is fully realised by laser cutting. Also, the assembly has been simplified. Anyone interested who likes to support the idea of Terra can do so on their Kickstarter page.

Further information:

TERRA!_One minute from Nucleo on Vimeo.

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