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Telegraph Chooses Best Hedge Shears in UK

From time to time every hedge needs a trimming. But what are the best shears to use for cutting thick wooden branches or for skillful topiary gardening? The gardening department of the Daily Telegraph wanted to find out which tools are the most effective for cutting the green and tested several hedge trimmers from different developers.

There were two winners in the all-rounder category: The new ARS KR-1000 from Sorbus with its angled precision blades, rubber bumpers to reduce stress and replaceable blades and the Fiskars PowerGear hedge shear, which was also voted best lightweight shear. Another Fiskars model was among the finalists: the Quantum has light and strong aluminum handles with cork inlay for grip and comfort, ideal for light trimmings.

When it comes to topiary cutting the Jakoti hand shears convinced the testers. The one handed trimmer is described as extremely sharp and very accurate and easy to use.

Spear & Jackson is represented with two hedge shears as well: The 4868SS/09 hand shears have chunky and wide wooden handles which help cutting thicker materials. According to the Telegraph they are best suited for native country hedges while the 8175RS model is better for a formal evergreen hedge.

The RHS-endorsed topiary hedge shears from Burgon & Ball were voted best in the budget category. They are super lightweight, have comfy handles and for the price of 29.95 GBP they offer good quality for money according to the testers.

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