Floating garden: project for New York

With the “Swale” green project, New York will be richer by one more attraction as of June: the unusual greenhouse is planned as a floating island on the East River.

As a community project, “Swale” is supported by, among other institutions, the administration of New York parks and the US Coast Guard. The floating garden island offers the residents of the city a variety of attractions: besides walking paths through the greenery, an event area and a garden for self-subsistence with fruit and vegetables are planned. In the “Floating Food Forest”, raspberries and blueberries will be cultivated for direct consumption, as well as cabbage, turnips and other vegetables for harvesting and taking away.

The goal of the project is to strengthen the consciousness of New Yorkers with regard to the themes of environment, recycling and sustainability. The river water is purified for the irrigation of the plants on the island. In this way the greenhouse should also contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem. “Swale” will float on the East River throughout June. Four fixed stations of one week each are planned. The artificial island will be borne by an approximately 400 square metre floating platform of recycled ship containers. Following the start in June, the drifting garden will dock at one of the New York shores.

Further information: swaleny.org