Airplantman Takes the Plants Out of the Soil

Airplants can live without soil. The spiky and colourful Tillandsia plants grow naturally on other plants like trees or on stones, sometimes even on telephone wires. Their independence from the earth makes them very fascinating organisms. The Californian landscape architect, artist and horticulturalist Josh Rosen was captured by the airplants and founded Airplantman. Rosens goal is to create displays for these extraordinary plants that are healthy for them and simple to use. All of his designs are hand-crafted and made in California.


The AirplantFrame is a lightweight powder coated aluminum frame, where Tillandsia plants can grow and thrive. The material is rust-proof and the plants are held by strung stainless steel cables. It can be hung anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Right now it is available in the colours Matte White, Matte Black, Matte Grey and Gloss Orange. To care for the plants you can spray them from time to time and submerge them in water once a week for a few hours.


The AirplantVessels gracefully suspend sculptural airplants above powder coated steel or hand-finished wood vessels. These floating displays are suited for tabletop, desk or windowsill. They come in three sizes and can be put on display alone or in a group.

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Libero – Portable Foosball Table by flix

The Libero is a solid foosball table with all of the characteristics of a professional tournament table. The designers from the German company flix wanted to develop a “Kickertisch” (German for foosball table) that is suitable for the demands of sportive competitions as well as being fun on parties and lightweight and transportable. The Libero is a high quality piece and made by hand.

Libero is Latin for “the free one”. Like everything from flix it is “flixible”. It only takes three minutes to convert the Libero into a box on wheels that is small enough to fit into the boot of a car to take to the next party – inside or in the garden. The folded up Libero fits into tiny spaces without being in the way.

The Libero is the official tournament table of the German Bundesliga-Club “Roter Stern Bremen” and the table of the second best player in the world.

The Libero is available in three different varieties:

The “Libero” is a premium product made of solid hardwood multiplex and with an elegant and classical appearance. The “Libero Sport” has a smaller goal box made of brushed stainless steel and focuses on functionality. It is made for fun and for sports. The “Libero Home” doesn’t include folding doors for taking out the players, goal box and legs still are foldable. It is less mobile but has a beautiful, minimalist appearance.

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Bioglow: Creating Plants that Glow in the Dark

Imagine a street at night that is not illuminated with yellow lamps or LED diodes but with colourful glowing plants and trees on the sides. What sounds like a scenario from a fantasy or science-fiction story could become reality sooner than one might think. There were some experiments with luminescent plants in the past but they all relied on paint, injected chemicals or external UV-lights to create the glowing effect. Scientists have now discovered a way to genetically modify plants so that they can emit light on their own, similar to glowing bugs.

The molecular biologist Dr. Alexander Krichevsky is the inventor and responsible for the main scientific work on this field. He founded the company Bioglow in St. Louis, Missouri and is working on making the autoluminescent flowers, trees and shrubs a working reality. Bioglow already produced the first commercially glowing plant called Starlight Avatar™. It is a genetically modified variety of the Nicotiana alata, also known as Winged Tobacco. Throughout its life cycle it emits a greenish light that can be seen best in absolute dark. According to Bioglow the light of future plants could be shining in many different colours like blue or red. The spectacular prototype of a autoluminescent plant is right now only available in a limited amount. 20 specimen can be purchased by auction on the Bioglow website.

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Koubachi: Give Your Plants a Voice

Not everybody is born with a green thumb. For some people it seems to be impossible to keep their plants alive for more than a few weeks, because they don’t know if their pot flowers need to be sprayed every day or just once a week or how much light is needed. But like for many everyday problems there is a solution that involves an app for your smartphone.

The Koubachi system consists of a Wi-Fi plant sensor that sends information about the humidity of the soil, the temperature and the light intensity to the “Plant Care Engine” where the data gets evaluated and a recommendation gets send to the owner’s smartphone when to care for the plant and how. According to Koubachi, the software uses plant care models that have been developed with leading biologists and scientifically proven in greenhouse experiments. For every species, Koubachi is able to determine the exact needs considering the current season and climate zone.

The plant sensor is not mandatory; the free Koubachi smartphone app and the web app also work on its own and send alarms, notifications and advices based on the information the user gives into the database.

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The Micro-Planter Chess Set

Chess: One of the oldest, most popular and most complex board games ever created. For hundreds of years people have wrecked their brains over the positions of the 32 black and white pieces. Countless designs of the King and his army have been made over the time, either hand-crafted or made in factories. The latest developments of the 3D printing technology make it now possible to realize unusual designs without manual labor or going into mass production.

The Micro Planter Chess Set is designed by the XYZ Workshop, a creative team of husband and wife specialising in 3D printed curiosities. The idea is that you can grow different herbs or succulents in the pots and give the game of chess an individual note that can be seen, smelled and felt. The design of the pieces reminds of the Bauhaus style with simple and strong geometric forms.

Anyone who is interested and has access to a 3D-printer can download the design files and start printing their own chessboard.

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