Lushna: Glamorous Camping in Nature

These minimalist “Villas” are especially designed for eco-touristic purposes.

Growing numbers of city escapists are looking for ways to spend their free time as close as possible to nature without going on a full scale survival trip. Enterprises like the Lushna Group from Slovenia have developed lodging solutions, which allow a close bond with green environments without missing out on the comfort of a hotel.

The Villas by Lushna are wooden A-frame constructions, economical and easy to build and made with untreated larch and spruce wood. Measuring approximately four times four meters on the base and three and a half meters in height, they are spacious enough for a king size bed and some extra room. Lights and electric outlets are included.

There are several different models, like the Villa Air with walls of fabric and mosquito nets or the Villa Massive with wooden walls and glass windows. There is also a sauna version.

The Lushna group wants to allow people to set up their own individual place for glamorous camping (glamping, as it is called nowadays) or to make it possible for land owners to create new eco-touristic destinations away from urban centers. Other than the Villas, they also have several other outdoor products to offer.

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Oasis: A Tent With 360-Degree View

Imagine falling asleep under the warm autumnal sky, studdled with stars, then brewing mint tea early in the morning, taking your sailboard together and letting wind carry you through limpid waters.

The Oasis Dome was designed by the Lithuanian designer and kite flying enthusiast Vytautas Puzeras. Its clean and minimalistic concept was born while he searched for a place where he could feel comfortably with a close friend or simply with himself and nothing would disturb thoughts and feelings.

While the classic angular tent makes you feel like staying in a box, the open, round shapes of the Oasis are a new experience. It features a framework of arches overlaid with a clear, weather- and humidity-resistant synthetic skin, which can be covered with interior curtains. The dome’s top is left unobstructed, offering a great view of the starry heavens, creating a magic effect inviting nature and starry sky to be seen in a 360 degrees’ circle.

It is possible to spend totally clutterfree nights in the Oasis, the storage room is beneath the raised floor, providing space not only for camping luggage but also for sport gears. It can be transported by car and shelter up to six people.

The Oasis dome tent is still in development, but when it will hit the market it will also feature a solar system for charging equipment.

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