Gérard Depardieu shades the sun

No day without him in media: The actor Gerard Depardieu. First he fought against the French tax authority, then fell drunk from his motorcycle, then didn’t show up at court, but lately received the Russian citizenship from his new friend and Kremlinboss Wladimir Putin.

Only just arrived in his new adopted country Russia Depardieu advanced immediately to an advertising shooting star. The tax refugee is campaigning among others for a bank and for fitted kitchens.

Before the famous French actor was hyped for his latest adventures the Swiss company Glatz contracted him for a commercial for sun shades. Nowbody knows whether his current popularity will benefit the sun shades from Glatz or not.

Further information: glatz.ch

Knirps: Umbrella specialist protects from the sun

Knirps, the inventor of the foldable pocket-size umbrella, has been a successful manufacturer of superior quality umbrellas for 85 years. The Knirps’ trademark with the red dot is wellknown for excellent craftsmanship, its use of premium quality materials and intelligent functional details. Up to 200 million pocket-size umbrellas have been sold in 120 countries so far. Now Knirps gets out of the rain and with a ‘big brother’ parasol starts to protect from the sun.

An international team of technicians, members of Knirps’ own research and development department, trend scouts, and product designers such as Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rothbucher of ‘akabuna’ design agency, are altogether responsible for the ‘Knirps Sun Shade’ project, whose objective was to develop an innovative and modern parasol that is chic, yet distinct from products of competitors – just like the umbrellas the company has been producing for decades.

This new sun shade has been manufactured with a keen eye for details true to Knirps’ quality standards. It was presented to the public on spoga+gafa 2012 and will be made available by selected retailers from January 2013.

Further information: knirps.com