GLATZ – Novelties 2015

The Swiss sunshade manufacturer GLATZ looks back to a 117-year company history and is still innovative. GLATZ is europewidely leading in parasols and these are some of the novelties:

Sunwing® C+ – 360 degrees of shade (small)

It’s no coincidence that this free-arm sunshade has won the top rating from Stiftung Warentest: round or square, the SUNWING® C+ is impressive in terms of ergonomics and design. The sunshade cover can be adjusted on both sides with a self-locking crank mechanism and integrated tilting rod, in 18° steps up to 90°. The fabric cover can be changed and is self-tautening – thanks to flexible rod ends.

Palazzo®Style – stylish in XXL

High performance and easy operation are what make this large space sunshade impressive. This umbrella is the “small brother” of PALAZZO® Noblesse and Palazzo® Royal and shows convincing details. It can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 km/h, as proven by numerous wind tunnel tests run by the manufacturer. The frame is made of pressed, naturally anodised aluminium with a grey surface.

It opens and closes with just 9 manual turns of the crank or optionally via the integrated remote-controlled motor. Thanks to its construction and high-quality materials made of dyed acrylic fibres, it is not only wind-resistant: it also offers optimum protection from the sun and rain and keeps its colour year after year.

The sunshades can be operated by radio signals. Above that Palazzo® Style is equipped with an automatic turn-off-mode as well as an emergency function. Additional accessories – e.g. heating and LED-light – are available. Different measures are available in round, square and rectangular shape.

GLATZ is exhibitor at the spoga+gafa 2015 in Cologne from August 30th to September 1st.

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Sun Shades by Glatz – Shaped by Experience and Sustained by Vision

“Keep your finger on the pulse and be ahead of your time!” – The philosophy of the Swiss sunshade producer Glatz is almost 120 years old and still relevant. The words come from Albert Glatz, a trained umbrella maker, who founded his own umbrella shop in 1895. Four generations later, the Glatz AG has been established as a leading supplier of sunshades and outdoor concepts for homes, gardens, hotels and restaurants in Europe and around the world. The spoga+gafa is glad to welcome them again in the garden unique area of the fair this year.

The New Sombrano S+

This free-arm sunshade is a 360° shade provider and has been subtly redesigned for a new look. SOMBRANO® S+ stands for elegance and sophisticated functions, including a crank mechanism for convenient adjustments. The sunshade roof can also be tilted 54° and rotated 360°. Thanks to its dimensions and look, the SOMBRANO® S+ is fitted for larger outdoor areas.

The New Piazzino              

Not all woods are the same: the PIAZZINO offers a winning combination of functionality, high technology and low cost. From 2014, the PIAZZINO will sport a new look with bright, natural maple wood – further enhancing the natural charm of the sunshade roof. What’s more, the robust maple wood will ensure a long life, propelling the PIAZZINO into the league of timeless style for budget-conscious consumers.       


Not too big and not too small, the FORTELLO® is ideal for hotels and restaurants: thanks to its counter-rotating servo opening principle it is easy to handle, can be conveniently transported with its separable pole and light weight and can be cleared away in a flash. Thanks to its stable construction, the FORTELLO® can withstand wind speeds of up to 70 km/h and can be fitted with an OSYRION® light on request. This new model by GLATZ not only provides optimum protection from the sun and rain, it also offers one thing above all: an ideal space for coloured advertising logos and lettering.

You can find Glatz at the spoga+gafa 2014 in hall 10.2, stand L011 M010.

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SKINCOM: Sun-Protection for Children

Small children need to play outside. Especially in the summer they enjoy playing in the sandbox or at the beach. But playing for hours in the sun can be very dangerous. Kids are not aware of the intensity of the sun. They don’t know that there are strong UV rays that strike their sensitive skin and lead to sunburn and even skin cancer in the long term.

The Swiss company SKINCOM specialises in the production of solar tents with a high sun-protection factor. Sitting or playing in the shades of an awning, a beach tent or a parasol doesn’t mean automatically that there is protection from the UV rays. It is all about the sun protection factor, which is not only important for sun cream but also for shade-giving devices. According to SKINCOM, all of their sun tents have a sun protection factor of at least 60, which exceeds the Australian and New Zealand UV Standard 801, the strictest in the world.

In their product range, SKINCOM offers different tents, from the convenient EASY to the flexible PREMIUM versions. The tents are wind- and rainproof and can be transported easily – most versions weigh between 1.3 and 2.6 kilograms.

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SKINCOM: Solartent COMFORT Now With UV Protection 80

It is nothing new that too much sun hurts the skin. But many people still do not protect themselves. In many cases sunscreen alone is not sufficient and especially for kids it is important to have additional UV protection. It is a matter of fact that every sunburn as a child raises the risk of skin cancer later in life. 

The Swiss company SKINCOM specializes in the development and production of functional solar tents. All of their products surpass the strict Australian UV standard 2604. The best example is their solar tent COMFORT. It is certified by the highest standard UV Protect 80 at the Testex Institute in Zurich and is able to block harmful sun radiation for hours. COMFORT is the ideal solution for everybody enjoying a sunny day at the poolside, in the garden or on the terrace.

SKINCOM is exhibitor at the international gardening trade fair spoga+gafa from September 8th to 10th in Cologne, Germany.

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Retractable Motor Driven Sun Sails by SunSquare

For over twenty years the Austrian company SunSquare Kautzky has been creating shades for buildings and green spaces. One of their favorite challenges is the shading of complex glass structures. SunSquare works together with architects from an early stage on to find special solutions for integrating shading constructions into the structures of buildings.

The “Schauhaus” of the botanic garden in Grüningen, Switzerland, in 2012 was one of their most noteworthy projects. The IdA-Architects Stephan Buehrer and Martina Wuest supplemented the surrounding trees with a supporting structure of trunks and treetops made of steel, based on the Voronoi principle. The reduced shading system covers the tilted roof planes with a barely visible membrane and can be retracted when not needed.

Other interesting projects by Sun Square are presented in their corporate video.

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