„The theme social media is significant for every size of company” – expert tips from Torsten Materna (Social Media Talk)

Social Media for companies and retail trade

“Social media is no longer an option for companies and the retail trade, it is an absolute must,” said the blog author, Torsten Materna. The owner of an agency for Internet services (numero2) operates the blog socialmedia-talk.com in order to show small companies and retailers how they can profit from social media offers and win over new customers and make more turnover using the right strategies.

Soccer World Cup 2014 – Win a Weber Grill

Estimate the number of goals that will be scored during the Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil. If your tip turns out to be right or close enough you might win a grill by Weber!

The international gardening fair spoga+gafa is giving away the following prizes:

  • 1. place: Weber gasgrill Spirit E-320 Original
  • 2. place: Weber gasgrill Q1400 Stand
  • 3. place: Weber charcoal grill Go-Anywhere

Click this link to enter your tip and your contact details

You can enter your tip until July 02nd. The winners will be informed by the koelnmesse via email.

The spoga+gafa 2014 will be held from August 31st to September 02nd in Cologne.

Garden Centers: Get Your Customers Involved

The recent insolvency of the German hardware store chain Praktiker showed that price dumping doesn’t guarantee success. Customers want to be connected and involved with the products a store wants to sell. This goes especially for garden centers. One possibility of connecting with people is through food. Everything that has to do with cooking, be it shows on TV, cookbooks or kitchen supplies, is more popular than ever nowadays. Why not creating the same enthusiasm for growing your own healthy and fresh food in the garden?

The professional horticulturist and business consultant Leslie Halleck collected some useful ideas on how to accomplish that. In her article for Garden Center Magazine Real foodies grow their own she gives answers on how to get customers involved and excited about gardening through different ways of education.

Kettal Launches App

Garden furniture producer Kettal introduced an app to inform its customers about the latest products, variants, news, designers and dealers. It’s called “Kettal – Timeless Outdoor Furniture Design” and shows high quality pictures and videos.

According to Kettal, this is the first app of its kind in the garden furniture sector. You    can get a free download in Apple’s App Store in German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The user interface supports Apple’s Retina Display and comes with a horizontal menu, “lazy loading” function and you can request cost estimates. In the “Dealers” menu the customer can find every Kettlar-retailer by region and information about the shops and Kettlar’s distribution network.

Further Information: kettal.es and iTunes Store


Eden made in Russia

Life in Russia is an everyday challenge – and so is gardening there. Although gardening can be pretty difficult in Russia because of the rough climate, Russians love it and mix work with pleasure.

From the biggest challenge for Russian gardeners, i.e. the unforgiving weather, arises the second challenge: the gardening knowhow. Russian gardening bloggers have extensive knowledge of what and when to do and how to do it best in the garden. The intense exchange of information is therefore vital for achieving good results with the gardening activities. This is even more important, as the favourite trend in Russia is kitchen gardening, which is more than just nice to do, as for instance in Britain. In Russia kitchen gardening is also a sort of necessity. When the harsh Russian winter puts an end to the autumn harvest, the urban gardeners proudly enjoy their homegrown vegetables and fruits.

For Russian gardeners organic gardening is not a matter of environmental protection or health, as it avoids chemicals, but above all, it is cheap. Russians, who live in the big cities and neither have a garden nor can afford a dacha, grow the vegetables in their apartments or on the balconies. Cutting costs is an important reason for the huge popularity of kitchen and organic gardening, but it is not the only one: It is also the creativity in building a personal paradise coupled with satisfying the Russian passion for gardening. The Russian gardeners do not spend much money on their gardens; on average it is just 34 Euros (45 $) per year.

More information: newsroom.husqvarna.com