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Lawnmower Voltage 80 by Stiga – Credits: Stiga

Many garden owners love designing their green oasis themselves, for some people the outdoor activity is even one of their favourite hobbies. But to make sure that gardening really is fun, it shouldn’t be too arduous. That is why the manufacturers of garden tools and auxiliary devices are always coming up with something new. The smart gardening and battery technology sections are currently of particular interest for consumers and also for the green industry.

Bitponics: Hydroponics Automation System to Improve Urban Gardening

This personal gardening assistent brings cloud technology to hydroponic planting.

Bitponics is the first ever integrated cloud based hydroponic automation system. Designed to be an add-on to any existing hydroponics system, Bitponics’ developers claim that it simplifies and automates the urban home garden by managing the plants’ needs, incorporating a crowdsourced online database for best practices and sending the user friendly and convenient reminders.