Koubachi: Give Your Plants a Voice

Not everybody is born with a green thumb. For some people it seems to be impossible to keep their plants alive for more than a few weeks, because they don’t know if their pot flowers need to be sprayed every day or just once a week or how much light is needed. But like for many everyday problems there is a solution that involves an app for your smartphone.

The Koubachi system consists of a Wi-Fi plant sensor that sends information about the humidity of the soil, the temperature and the light intensity to the “Plant Care Engine” where the data gets evaluated and a recommendation gets send to the owner’s smartphone when to care for the plant and how. According to Koubachi, the software uses plant care models that have been developed with leading biologists and scientifically proven in greenhouse experiments. For every species, Koubachi is able to determine the exact needs considering the current season and climate zone.

The plant sensor is not mandatory; the free Koubachi smartphone app and the web app also work on its own and send alarms, notifications and advices based on the information the user gives into the database.

Further Information: koubachi.com

Corsica Bird Garden by Elho: A Flowery Birdhouse

Probably every garden owner who cares about his own green space loves to have lots of birds around his house. But sometimes it seems that the birds just don’t want to visit. Many people don’t know that you can arrange your garden so that birds feel invited.

One way would be to grow hedges where they find safe places to nest or berries for them to eat. But it is also very important to care for them throughout the year by providing them with bird seeds. The Dutch company elho developed a birdhouse combined with a plant container. The Corsica bird garden was developed together with bird specialists and gives small birds like house sparrows great titmouses and blue tits a spot where they can find shelter and food. At the same time you can use it to decorate your garden wall or patio with plants. The bird garden is double walled, ensures a good breeding climate and is easy to clean. Two colour combinations are available.

There are other clever ideas in elhos Corsica line: For example the Corsica vertical garden – a threefold flower pot that can be stacked on top of each other if you want more plants on less space. And the Corsica flower bridge is a innovative solution for decorating balcony railings and fences. It can be clipped onto the frameworks without an additional platform. The flower bridge pots come in several trendy colours which can be combined.

Further Information: elho.com

Ma-ce-ta: Stackable Flower Pots from Spain

The Spanish Design studio Pott has developed a set of plant pots that can be stacked together. The shape of the pots allows them to be stacked next or on top of each other.

There are three different pieces, called Ma, ce and ta that can be put together individually. They can be placed outside in the garden or as a decoration for inside. Arranged in a group they form a tridimensional construct that can be fitted into many individual garden corners. The look of Ma-ce-ta reminds of a planted natural  stone wall.

Further Information: potteryproject.com

Lechuza: Stylish Planters Made in Germany

Lechuza planters for indoors and outdoors have been satisfying customers and business partners for almost over 15 years now. The products that impress with functional design, light weight and smart accessories are made in Germany by the geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG, also known for the popular Playmobil toy line. The planters use a sub-irrigation system that can feed the plants with saved water and nutrients for up to twelve weeks.

The new column planter in Lechuza’s Cubico line is the Cubico Alto that could be seen at the spoga+gafa 2013. With its 105 cm it is quite tall but its narrow base takes up very little space, bringing greenery to areas where space is limited. It is also exceptionally sturdy – something that is crucial for use in public buildings.

The Cottage series has a natural wicker look that goes well with modern outdoor furniture and comes in a variety in shapes, sizes and colours. The Trio Cottage is a plant trough that comes in two sizes and has three separate water containers that allow the plants to have water supply for weeks.

The Cascada Color is a planter that can be a kitchen garden, a pot for herbs or a flower tower. Its modular built-up makes it possible to use the pots individually or to assemble them to a presentable tower that can fit up to 13 plants.

Further Information: lechuza.com

3 questions to: Çağla Işin Alemdar (Garden Igloo)

Among the many eye-catchers at spoga+gafa 2013 were the two cosy looking igloos in hall 9. We sat down in one of them and spoke to Çağla Işin Alemdar from Istanbul, who designed the Garden Igloo and is now distributing them from Berlin.

This igloo is so spacious; we can stand upright and walk around. What did you have in mind when designing the Garden Igloo?
The idea behind the Garden Igloo is to get a multi-purpose dome in the garden that is easy to build and can be used throughout the whole year. There are so many applications and target groups! You can use it to relax during the daytime and there is enough space for a lounger, a table and several seats, so that your friends can join in the evening. It can also be a playground for children and people are even using it as cover for their Jacuzzi in the winter. Also, the Garden Igloo can be used by hobby gardeners as a greenhouse to grow plants or as a garden shed.

You said it can be used all year round. So the igloo can be kept outside no matter how the weather is?
Yes, depending on which of the exchangeable covers you use it keeps cool in summer and protects from cold in winter. Snow glides off and because of its geodesic shape it can cope with wind speeds of up to 120 km/h. The standard package comes with the Light Canopy Cover and the transparent Winter Garden Cover. Additionally there are other covers available, for example the Green House Cover, the Camouflage Cover or the Mosquito-Net Cover. All materials are 100% recyclable. 

Do you need professional help to put up the Garden Igloo?
No, you can do it easily on your own! The package comes with a manual and you don’t need any tools for the installation. On our website we have a video that shows two of our guys putting the igloo up in less than 18 minutes.

Further Information: gardenigloo.com