TreeYoga: Getting to New Heights

TreeYoga is the combination of yoga practice with the love for trees into a challenging and joyful outdoor experience.

Developed from thousand year old hinduistic traditions, yoga is one of the best ways to bring body and mind into harmony. The performance of the yogic postures, or asanas, is helping people all over the world to reduce stress, calm down, and train their flexibility. The benefits of yoga have been proven again and again in scientific studies and are by no means restricted to people with an esoteric belief system.

TreeYoga takes the yogic postures from the mat into the trees. With the help of special slings, it is possible to stretch and open the body in ways, that would otherwise not be possible. The hips are strengthened, as is the upper body and the back. The practice itself is less formal then normal yoga exercises, it is more about enjoying nature. Because of the unusual postures there is also a lot of laughing involved, which brings a positive vibe to the sport.

The TreeYoga creators Hal Pruessner and Helen Stutchbury have patented the TreeYoga Multi-Sling Kit which is necessary for a safe practice in the trees. It is a set of two red padded body slings and one or more blue unpadded tree slings constructed of industrial strength sling material and heavy duty thread into interlocked loops. The red slings are padded with a thick, comfortable neoprene insert for maximum comfort, and together the kit weighs about 2 pounds, but can carry up to 7500 pounds of pressure.

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3 Questions to: Sonja Dümmen (Dümmen GmbH)

The Rheinberg-based company Dümmen Group is consistently expanding its sustainability strategy. In future they will supply fair trade poinsettias under the Red Fox brand to their international pot plant producers. Thus Dümmen will answer the widely shared desire for an ethical, transparent production chain. Sonja Dümmen is Head of Marketing at Dümmen GmbH and is managing the Fairtrade project.

Mrs. Dümmen, what are the reasons why the Dümmen Group will soon be selling poinsettias from your farm Red Fox Ethiopia as a Fairtrade product?
Dümmen: The Fairtrade Mark renders visible our way of working and what we represent. It records monitored working conditions and a responsible approach to plant protection and the environment. What is most important, however, is that it provides support for the people locally in Ethiopia. With Fairtrade we have the opportunity to invest 10% of the turnover directly on the ground for the benefit of the people there. The consumers who make a conscious decision to buy here support this initiative by purchasing Fairtrade products.

How can we visualise the certification process? What are the challenges?
Dümmen: All partners in the chain have to be certified, starting with the parent plant production site in Ethiopia, which is inspected by an independent certification organisation. Other links in the chain also have to be certified, however, such as the production plant in Rheinberg and the producers in Europe that raise the poinsettia cuttings. Since we run the production chain centrally, from cultivation to the finished young plant, this is entirely feasible. We only have to create transparency for third parties, which naturally always entails administrative work.

What specific advantages do you see for retailers, nurseries and last but not least for customers?
Dümmen: The advantages for the retail trade are quite clear and are to be found in the transparency of the supply chain. It can always trace Fairtrade products back to their origin and rely on the fact that reliable, inspected suppliers are behind the product. The consumer can buy responsibly and help people in Africa by buying Fairtrade. Transparency is important here too. The customer sees where the cutting comes from, but also who has raised the product to its finished state in Germany or Europe. The customer is also informed about the advantages for our partner businesses: ten percent of the revenue from the cut-tings is for the workers locally in the country of origin to use as they see fit for social purposes. The monitored production conditions create transparency and guarantee a fair process.

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Miniature Greenhouses by Jiffy: Diverse and Flexible Growing

Jiffy is the inventor of the Jiffypot, a planting pot made from compressed peat, which integrates with the plant’s root system and is transplanted with the plant.

Among a range of different greenhouses, Jiffy is now also offering miniature greenhouses for window sills, balconies and terraces. They are made from high-grade and robust synthetics and come in several strong colours. Equipped with ventilation flaps and a transparent case they offer a good environment for successful and stable plant growth. Jiffy Plant Pots and Tabs are available as refill packs, for example the Jiffy-7-Pellets. The largest model, MultiGrow, is equipped with a drainage, which helps draining superfluous water.

Hot and Spicy – The Chili Greeenhouse

Another new development by Jiffy for the DIY-crowd is the Hot Chili Hobby Set in flaming red. This greenhouse comes together with three different kinds of chilli seeds in original Jiffy Pots that grow into spicy chilli peppers.

Who is Jiffy?

Jiffy is a leading developer and vendor of growing products and substrates. They produce and export worldwide. The company has over 60 years of experience and is the inventor of the Jiffypot, a plant pot made from pressed peat or coco. Jiffy is offering its growing solutions to hobby gardeners as well as professionals. Their product range includes special substrates, growing pots, compressed pellets and greenhouses. Every day, more than 10 million plants are being grown in Jiffy products worldwide – thats over 3.5 billion per year!

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New Emsa Products Keep Your Herbs Fresh for Weeks

There’s nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs. For 2015, Emsa presents two newly designed herb pots.

Turning 3 into 1: The Trio herb pot

The Fresh Herbs Trio mini-herb garden is suited for those who enjoy cooking with fresh herbs. Its design decoratively integrates three herb pots – and the Aqua Comfort watering system makes sure that the herbs are taken care of: Simply insert the absorbent wicks into the pots from below. The water reservoir that the pots share lets them take exactly the amount of water they need. The small, decorative flower serves as a water-level indicator and specifies when it is time for watering.

Let it grow: Herb pot with bell jar

Those who wish to grow herbs themselves without much effort can now use the Grow herb pot with bell jar: Simply fill the pot with soil and seeds. Apply the bell jar and watch the plants grow. The product includes a seed pad for basil, soil and pot. The decorative flower in the lid is an adjustable opening that ensures optimal ventilation. Once the herbs have started to grow, the bell jar is removed from the mini-greenhouse and Fresh Herbs Grow can be used as a regular herb pot. Of course, the Aqua Comfort watering ­system is included to ensure optimum growth.

The new Emsa plant pots will be available in the colours white, green, pink, anthracite in December 2014 (Trio) and January 2015 (Grow). They were introduced at the spoga+gafa 2014 garden trade fair in Cologne this summer.

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Airplantman Takes the Plants Out of the Soil

Airplants can live without soil. The spiky and colourful Tillandsia plants grow naturally on other plants like trees or on stones, sometimes even on telephone wires. Their independence from the earth makes them very fascinating organisms. The Californian landscape architect, artist and horticulturalist Josh Rosen was captured by the airplants and founded Airplantman. Rosens goal is to create displays for these extraordinary plants that are healthy for them and simple to use. All of his designs are hand-crafted and made in California.


The AirplantFrame is a lightweight powder coated aluminum frame, where Tillandsia plants can grow and thrive. The material is rust-proof and the plants are held by strung stainless steel cables. It can be hung anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Right now it is available in the colours Matte White, Matte Black, Matte Grey and Gloss Orange. To care for the plants you can spray them from time to time and submerge them in water once a week for a few hours.


The AirplantVessels gracefully suspend sculptural airplants above powder coated steel or hand-finished wood vessels. These floating displays are suited for tabletop, desk or windowsill. They come in three sizes and can be put on display alone or in a group.

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