United Monsters: Attack of the Concrete Plant Holders

These monstrous pots from Korea belong to a range of art toys and are fully customizable.

A crisis threatens the joyful life in the monster world. Surprise attacks of the Gorgons decreased the populations of the monsters significantly. The monsters need cooperation and supports for their peace and safety. Therefore, they form UM: United Monsters, to fight back against the Gorgons.

This is part of the frame story that is connected to the United Monsters toy line. The Korean studio Hobby Design created a number of little monster figurines that can be collected and designed individually. There are standalone versions with exchangeable faces, candle holders and a plant holder (Monster No. 200). Clearly targeted towards young, urban and nerdy customers, these concrete critters could be one of the first home plants for many kids and young adults.

Each package includes the concrete monster pot, temporary tattoos and a sticker pack. The monster pot can be decorated in several ways. Spray paint cans can be used for colouring,  as well as temporary tattoo stickers, or the separately available United Monsters sunglasses.

Further information: unitedmonsters.com

Plantable Objects: “Seed” by Taeg Nishimoto

There is a new way to make your home greener: Plant green on the wall! The Architect and Designer Taeg Nishimoto has invented “Seed” – objects to be hung on the wall incorporating small plants as the focus.

The container part of the soil for the plant is attached in the back, lifting the concrete tile of “Seed” about 2cm to 4.5cm from the wall, giving the presence of the tile floating in front of the wall. “Seed” comes in many variations of profile and surface texture. Each profile is taken from different river stones’ outline, which is a result of a long smoothing process the stones go through in water flow of the river.

“Seed” is made of fast drying cast concrete using the crumpled Tyvek as the mold. The Tyvek is first crumpled to create a particular crease pattern and stretched inside the cut out of the profile. The spontaneous crumpling pattern of paper is totally unpredictable, and yet it evokes certain geological formations we observe in the satellite images. Concrete mix is poured with about 5mm – 8mm thick while the center of the Tyvek is lifted to make a hole. Any plant that can fit inside the hole can be used, though various different kinds of succulents are great for it.

Further information: cargocollective.com

Plantbag by Scheurich: Flower Power Giveaway

This charming accessory is made for kitchen herbs and flowers alike.

Be it as a thank-you, an impromptu little surprise, or to accompany a gift voucher, wine or something else – plants are the ideal present. But what’s the perfect present without creative wrapping? This gift wrap is now brought to you by Scheurich in four different colours. Plantbag is the name of this new cheerful and colourful accessory which puts elegant houseplants, tasty herbs or delicious balcony vegetables centre stage. What’s more, it works long-term, because this clever planting bag with its useful handles is made from sturdy plastic, which is reliably watertight and therefore a modern alternative to more usual plant containers.

Metallic Grey, Pure White, Pure Lime and Pure Yellow; Plantbag is available in four shiny colours, so plants can be coordinated to create the right atmosphere every time and for every occasion. Combinations of the same colour look great. Even the most common plants, like the unpretentious Kalanchoe with its pure white blossoms, are transformed into eye-catching displays in the Pure White Plantbag. Visual explosions are guaranteed with bright colour combinations like red roses or orange Gerbera in the Pure Lime Plantbag.

The Scheurich Plantbag offers enough room for two plants with a container diameter of up to 13 cm.

Further information: scheurich.com

Monstera and Carnivora: “Walking” Plant Holders

These designer pieces seem to crawl around and are inspired by organic root systems.

The Dutch designer Tim van de Weerd has specialized himself in connecting the unexpected and the familiar. Every piece of furniture or object must evoke the imagination and play with expectations; the imagery must always be recognisable and surprising. This is embodied in the Monstera and the Carnivora plant holders.

At the Dutch Design Week 2015, Tim van de Weerd captured the visitors’ attention with his latest family of planters, the Carnivora. The Carnivora are a smaller follow-up to the high, elegant Monstera Magnifica and the fleeing Monstera Fugiens. Like their big brothers, the Carnivora are very playful and dynamic: these pots with small legs seem to wander off with their plants. All members of the Carnivora family are unique. The legs are made of metal and manually attached to the porcelain pot, in slightly varying arrangements. No two Carnivora are the same.

According to the designer himself, he wanted to create a pot that is more of an extension of the plant itself than a separate object that cuts the plant off. The botanical names of the two pieces underline this intention.

Further information: www.timvandeweerd.nl

MOVE by Ebertsankey: Young and Modern

The Fiskars brand reveals a new versatile plant container in contemporary colours.

Ebertsankey’s  latest plant container MOVE draws all attention to the essentials: It’s understated shapes highlight the beauty of the plants. The range of new colours is targeted towards customers who value modern design and versatile applicability. The natural forms offer a pleasant sight throughout the whole year – for hardy as well as annual plants.

MOVE, made of durable plastic, can be used as cachepot for any flower pots and can house plants directly. It is UV-resistant and has closeable drain holes, making it ideal for any outdoor situation. But it also adds a modern touch to living rooms.

Fabricated in Germany, the MOVE container is available in the colours sand, soft grey, olive green and graphite. It comes in the sizes 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm and 40 cm. The suggested retail prices are between 4,99 € and 11,95 €.

Further information: ebertsankey.com