Variable: plant objects by Frédéric Malphettes

The French designer Frédéric Malphettes designs unusual objects for the greening of outdoor areas. The special feature, besides the clever design, is also the multiple applications.

The new products of the French designer include the plant module “Vétagére” and the climbing support “Anno”. The latter consists of a geometric structure of metal elements that are fastened to the wall or ceiling. The individual elements can be freely combined in terms of their structure. “Anno” can thus be used for greening walls or as a climbing support in flowerpots or as decorative room dividers.

The modular object “Vetagéré” also offers a variety of possibilities for use. Flowerpots of varying heights made of fibre reinforced concrete can be combined to form a greened shelving unit. Shelving of light oak serve as connecting elements. “Vétagére” can be used in both private and public spaces. The plant shelving unit has several different functions on the balcony and patio: it can act as a divider between interior and exterior, screen individual areas or simply serve as a variable green object.

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Perfect for small spaces: “Connect A Pot”

“Connect A Pot“ by startup Desima is a triangular pot designed to grow plants in a small, compact area. Best of all: the special features that enhance the capability of the pot.

Connect a Pot (1)

Each pot is designed specifically to connect to the other via strong earth magnets. The magnets also mean the pots can attach to a wall, refrigerator, window and in some cases, a shower. There is also the option of using a chain to hang it.

Like all potted plants “Connect A Pot“ need soil and water. A perlite layer, resting between the soil and water, is included in the purchase. The perlite doubles as plant growth media and insulation. The perlite also acts as a microfilter, removing some of the unwanted particles from the water. Ken and Tina Dyer of Desima are excited about the prospects of “Connect A Pot” and have everything in order to start production. They have turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter for help.

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