Trees in Giant Flowerpots Green the Centre of Dijon

The classic Place Darcy in Dijon, France has undergone a major refurbishment. Giant Flowerpots have been placed above the new underground parking garage, half submerged in the square’s paving.

French landscape architect, Alfred Peter, is responsible for the innovative design. The classic square has been given a green layer, which is pleasing to the eye. An arboretum of 55 different trees in a geometric pattern has been created, the shade of which offers a pleasant retreat on hot days. The large flowerpots, with a maximum diameter of 240 cm, have been manufactured using bio composite with natural fibres. The rims of the pots form circular benches around the trees, offering the opportunity to sit down, which is especially useful near tram stations. The special Treetec® System combined with 3.5 m³ substrate allows the trees to fully develop in the urban climate.

The Giant Flowerpots are being produced by the Dutch company Streetlife, who also offer street furniture, tree products, bridges and decking materials for landscape architects. Founded by designer Peter Krouwel, Streetlife has offices in Scandinavia, Dubai and America.

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Boskke Sky Planter: Growing Plants Upside Down

The Sky Planter provides a new approach to arrange indoor green: With the flower pot from the New Zealand company Boskke plants and flowers hang overhead – a nice change to the usual method of letting them grow upwards.

A locking disc and mesh holds the upside down plant and soil in place and allows the plant to hang from the ceiling. Its internal reservoir system feeds water gradually to the plant roots. This conserves water, saves time and brings a new aspect to ‘urban gardening’.

Ready-grown plants are simply taken out of their pots and inserted into the Sky Planter. Once locked in place, the pot is turned upside down and suspended from a securely fastened ceiling hook. Extension wires and wall mounts are also available for high ceilings or wall-hung planters.

The Boskke website gives a few inspirations on which plants can be fitted into the Sky Planter and how they will thrive best. Boskke is an exhibitor at the spoga+gafa 2013 and you will have a chance to get an impression of the Sky Planter.

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Making Gardening an Experience for Kids – With the Right Tools

In a time, in which children are more tempted to sit at home and play video games instead of spending their free time outside, parents sometimes need incentives to get their kids interested in what nature has to offer. Gardening tools and even growing equipment for our youngest are becoming more and more popular.

The German nursery garden BKN Strobel for example just launched a campaign named “Ich bin im Garten” (I’m in the Garden) where children can grow their own little plants in colorful pots. The attached labels have QR-Codes so they can look up information about their plants on a special website.

The German company Romberg, which specializes in plant growing and hobby gardening products offers a miniature greenhouse complete with seeds and substratum which can be kept inside the house. It comes together with an easy illustrated instructional book.

The Finnish tool producer Fiskars also has its own collection for kids. My First Fiskars “Boxi” consists of a shovel, a rake, a spade and a brush, each designed for small hands and with vibrant colors, for helping the adults playfully with the  duties in the garden.

Every child is gifted with a great sense of curiosity and openness towards natural things. It is important for them to develop a healthy relationship towards Mother Nature and that we teach them from an early age on what a fun activity it can be to cultivate plants and handling natural products outside. With the right tools, materials and appropriate instructions gardening is fun and an educational experience for our youngest.

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Soendgen Keramik: Three trends for 2013

“Tender Nature” is the most important trend in the collection of the German pottery Soendgen Keramik. The combination of natural materials, light colors, clear forms and organic design elements gives the feeling of fresh comfort.

The boundaries between inside and outside blur. Living, dining and kitchen merge together, bathroom is often integrated in the space for sleeping. The central meeting point for family and friends is the large, sturdy dining table, the dimensions of which easily remind us of monastery tables. Soendgen Keramik addresses this back to traditional clear forms and light colors with its Latina pots, which perfectly fit into the “Tender Nature” trend with a new color family called Latina Pastells.

Another trend is „Sweet Cottage“, which merges glamour and country style. Delicate pastells converge with graduated white to create a light, harmonious and emotional atmosphere. Furnished with baroque and country chic it allows patina and gives good old things the chance to present themselves under new circumstances. The concept „Family of Forms“ of Soendgen Keramik goes with it. The Florac Pretty vase, the Alberta Pretty cachepots and the Larisa Pretty boats, all with the same coloring but different designs play the game of combination. The range of attractive ceramics is perfected by the special orchid vase Merina Pretty, which, thanks to its flower safe platform, ensures that the exotic beauties don’t get wet feet.

The third trend of the German pottery from Wachtberg is „Color Blocking“. Strong colors still dominate the ambience, however, no longer mixed with one another but presented side by side on a wider scale. This trend makes rooms seem larger and due to the completely monotonous areas the game of new contrasts is easy. The designers of Soendgen Keramik have tuned into this colorful, in some ways eccentric world and developed the Dallas Summer and Dallas Mystic as accessories for color blocking.

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