3 questions to: Petra Maison (GardenGirl)

The Swedish company GardenGirl creates functional clothing for girls and women working in the garden. The pieces have a feminine and pretty look and more important, they are comfortable to wear. Petra Maison is the designer and founder of GardenGirl. At the spoga+gafa 2013 she presented the latest collection.

Petra Maison, how did the idea of GardenGirl come into being?
As a child, I spent a lot of time in the garden of my English grandmother. She taught me a lot and my fascination for flowers, plants and gardening was born. Later in life, when I started working in my own garden, I found out that there are no practical and comfortable gardening-clothes for women at all. The working-trousers my husband gave me, that were supposed to be made for females, were too large, stiff and ugly. We then decided that we could make a clothing line that is distinctively better fitted for women than anything else on the market for working garments. We then founded GardenGirl together with Douglas and Mira Wedenberg.

What is so special about the GardenGirl clothing lines?
Right now there is the classic collection, the retro collection and the pro collection. In the classic collection you find stylish dungarees, trousers and tops that are made especially comfortable and have stretching parts for working while squatting and crouching. The retro collection concentrates on light and colourful items, like the Tall Wellington boots, with 30% less weight than the usual rubber boots. The pro collection is designed especially for women who work outside a lot. Vest and trousers are made from extra durable materials and have details that are useful and pretty alike.

We try to design our gears as functional and clever as possible; there are removable kneepads, strengthened pockets in the legs for sharp tools, and lots of possibilities to put away your garden accessories. Our gloves have specially designed fingertips so that you can even operate your smartphone without taking them off!

What other gardening products do you offer?
There is for example the Toolbelt Bucket with pockets on the outside that can also be used as a sitting device; we have a range of garden tools with unique designs like the ladies saw, garden scissors and cutter and we now offer scented after-work hand crème. In future we will continue to develop great gardening-products that hopefully help and inspire women to enjoy their working time in the garden.

Further Information: gardengirl.eu