Reclaimed – Outdoor Furniture in Harmony with Nature

For the production of the outdoor collection “reclaimed – living in harmony with nature” not a single tree has been cut.

The furniture company RS Interior GmbH from Germany has developed a new collection of sturdy and natural looking seats and tables for outdoor living. The philosophy of this range is based on up-cycling and the cradle-to-cradle® concept. This means that the materials used are viewed as nutrients circulating in a restorative way. Every piece is handcrafted and unique.

The furniture is made from 60 to 100 years old wood (pine, elm), which originates from old doors, roof rafters, planks, windows and other used timber. Each part of the timber is different in color, surface, and appearance.

Connections of the individual parts of the furniture are made – where it is feasible – with dowels and pins. Nails are generally not used, because they cannot provide for a permanent and stable connection. Where it is not possible to connect the wooden parts with dowels and pins, stainless steel screws guarantee a permanent connection.

The collection had its debut at the spoga+gafa 2014 in Cologne.

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Kettal: Metal Garden Furniture to Relax

The new Mesh collection by Kettal shows that it is possible to create a warm atmosphere with garden furniture made with industrial materials.

It recalls architectural facades, which filter the surrounding environment without stopping the light and air flow. Industrial and natural materials, hard and soft surfaces, transparent and solid volumes are putted face to face in order to create this family of outdoor furniture based in contrasts.

The expanded metal used for backrest of the sofas and tables gives a feeling of lightness, and at the same time become the support for wooden and marble tops and cushions. The slight bending of the sofa arms give a delicacy to this industrial frame, inviting the user for a nap. The solid wooden base of the sofa and the voluminous and comfortable upholstery resembles the memory of a comfortable living room translated into an outdoor atmosphere.

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Bang Bang Tents: Solar Powered Through the Festival Season

Bang Bang Tents give campers and festival visitors the chance to charge their devices wherever they are.

Rob Bertucci, former MTV presenter and Australian expat, has been to festivals all over the world. On his trips he noticed that “every field at every festival had green or blue tents for as far as the eye could see, making it impossible to find your way back to your tent after a night on the razzle. And more annoyingly, your phone battery is always flat, making it almost impossible to meet up with people or post smug pictures of yourself having fun, to Facebook.” These impressions led him to the invention of Bang Bang Tents, solar powered shelters, which allow you to charge your everyday devices, whether it’s mobile phones, mp3-players, cameras, speakers or lights.

Each Bang Bang tent comes with a 5w solar panel, a lithium storage bank and several mobile phone/USB charging adaptors that connect many low voltage devices. They are made with lightweight materials and super strong fabrics and, according to the makers, can be set up super easy.

The Bang Bang tents have flashy, colourful patterns, providing stylish alternatives to the plain colours of most tents. Candies, butterflies and natural stones are some of the available patterns. The tents provide space for up to four people.

Whether backpacking, weekending, mountaineering or at a festival, Bang Bang Tents allow all campers to capture their experiences with their phone or a camera and to enhance them with their favourite tunes.

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Barbecook Celebrates Indian Summer

The Belgian „Inventors of BBQ Pleasure” offer products for the golden season.

Red, orange, yellow – the last sunny days of the year happen in bright colours and warm summer lights. Outdoor- and BBQ-enthusiasts are enjoying the time before the winter with fire pits, fire baskets and tripod grills. Bread on a Stick, marshmallows, hot soups, chestnuts and crispy sausages are great ways to celebrate the golden autumn.

The All Seasons products from Barbecook attract romantic couples, groups of friends and families to come outside once more and savor the last warm days and evenings. Barbecooks fire baskets are very reliable and thanks to their robust workmanship they can withstand the toughest weather and are useable almost everywhere. The lacquered steel baskets are very solid and great to light up safe bonfires in the garden. The different models come in round (Ronda), square (Squadra) and rustical vintage optics (Retro). They integrate themselves into every garden style and can also be used on terraces.

The fire pits are another eye catcher from Barbecook. They are decorative light sources and outdoor fire places. Together with a grate or a wok they also work as cooking device. Bread on a Stick, Corn on the Cob or sausages can be grilled over the glowing wood. To be extra safe, Barbecook is also offering long suede gloves. For chestnuts there is a special pan that roasts them within minutes.

Tripod grills are perfect for grilling in autumn because they are so versatile. The pulley can hold grates, plates and stewpots. The traditional Dutch Ovens can not only cook goulash and pumpkin soups: If you want you can even bake bread or fry eggs with them. The pots can be put directly into the fire pits or hanged above a grill. Barbecook has also woks and frying pans to make almost everything from fried potatoes to Asian curry dishes.

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Real All-Rounders: Pellet Grills by Rösle

Cooking outdoors throughout the whole year with a natural woodfire in a professional, natural and healthy way, and improving the taste with lightly smoked wood-fired flavor: That’s what the new wood pellet grills from Rösle make possible.

The new “Memphis Wood Pellet Grills” are launched in cooperation with the American manufacturer Hearthland from Minnesota and combine a multitude of functions within one unit: both direct and indirect grilling, as well as slow cooking and smoking of food. They are simple to handle, as quick as gas grills and easily adjustable like electronic ovens. By way of an electric fire starter the wood pellets combust in a comfortable, controlled and safe way. The even temperature in the enclosed cooking chamber is ensured by way of a convection system.

Rösle offers three versions of the wood pellet grill with a cabinet base and two versions with built in cabinets. All of them are designed in a simple and elegant style and manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Each wood pellet grill will be delivered with a direct flame insert to allow for direct grilling, a temperature probe and a multi tool. Optional accessories are a protective cover as well as a set of two warming racks for keeping the grilled food warm and for extending the grill area. Natural wood pellets are also available from Rösle – delivered in a 9 kg volume bag. To keep the grill clean, drip pans are available for all five models.

The entry-model Advantage Plus offers a grill area of 2753 cm² and covers a temperature range of 90 to 316°C. The wood BBQ pellet storage capacity is about 5.5 kilo, and is aired by a high-performance ventilation system. The new grills are the perfect choice for both professional chefs, as well as experienced hobby cooks.

Ambitious grill lovers and medium sized companies will enjoy the two-door Wood Pellet Grill Memphis PRO with a grill area of 3631 cm², which has a temperature range of 80 to 344°C. The Wood Pellet Grill Memphis PRO has an insulated, double wall stainless-steel lid. It can hold 7.5 kilo of wood BBQ pellets.

The Memphis Elite is the professional model with a high-performance dual fan convection system and a grill area of 5477 cm². The grill is mounted on a two-door cabinet base and has a temperature range from 80 to 380°C. The high capacity wood BBQ pellet storage allows for 62 hours of grilling.

In addition, Rösle offers two models to be built into furniture or walls in an outdoor area: The Memphis Elite Built-In and the Memphis PRO Built-In. They are bothe made from 18/10 stainless steel.

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