Lushna: Glamorous Camping in Nature

These minimalist “Villas” are especially designed for eco-touristic purposes.

Growing numbers of city escapists are looking for ways to spend their free time as close as possible to nature without going on a full scale survival trip. Enterprises like the Lushna Group from Slovenia have developed lodging solutions, which allow a close bond with green environments without missing out on the comfort of a hotel.

The Villas by Lushna are wooden A-frame constructions, economical and easy to build and made with untreated larch and spruce wood. Measuring approximately four times four meters on the base and three and a half meters in height, they are spacious enough for a king size bed and some extra room. Lights and electric outlets are included.

There are several different models, like the Villa Air with walls of fabric and mosquito nets or the Villa Massive with wooden walls and glass windows. There is also a sauna version.

The Lushna group wants to allow people to set up their own individual place for glamorous camping (glamping, as it is called nowadays) or to make it possible for land owners to create new eco-touristic destinations away from urban centers. Other than the Villas, they also have several other outdoor products to offer.

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Cinch! Pop-up Tent: Made by Campers for Campers

Funded with help from a Kickstarter campaign, this tent promises to provide the ultimate camping experience.

Several unfulfilling camping experiences at music festivals inspired the design of the Cinch! Pop-up tent. The inventor, Jake Jackson, looked for years to find the ideal tent that is easy to setup, lightweight, affordable and spacious enough. His own design of the Cinch! Pop-up tent seems to have struck a nerve with other unsatisfied campers – the Kickstarter campaign managed to raise close to 98.000 £, almost double of the required amount.

The Cinch! tent is available in three sizes, for two, three and four person capacity. Each one is double-skinned to protect from extreme weather conditions. According to the makers, the advanced fabric is three times more waterproof than the industry standard.

There are two entrances and storage areas, for increased functionality. On hot days, both ends of the tent can be opened for air ventilation. One side can be used as porch for entering and the other side to store luggage and gear. Both entrances have a canopy to shelter from rain and sun.

But the solar power pack is where it really gets interesting. Sold individually, this gadget is clipped onto the roof of the tent and collects energy throughout the day. Thanks to a USB slot, cell phones and most other electric gadgets can be charged with the solar pack. You get it with a data wire, lock and a power bank.

Every festivalgoer knows that finding your camp at night and orienting oneself in the dark can be a very special challenge. The Cinch! Is equipped with four LED tent pegs – so it can be easily found even when it’s dark and the owner is disoriented – and two LED torches that can be hung up as lanterns, and light reflective guylines.

For transportation, the Cinch! turns into a disc-shaped rucksack weighing five kg for the two-person tent, seven kg for the three-person tent and nine kg for the four-person tent.

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BD Barcelona Design: Unique Shapes, Kissing Lips and a Monkey

The current outdoor furniture line of the Spanish manufacturer BD Barcelona Design shows that this company is still cherishing art over industrial or architectural designs.

Monkey Table

This table in the shape of a cute little primate, holding a tray, is designed by Jaime Hayon, who continues to be one of the most recognized Spanish designers on the international panorama. The table is made of solid architectural concrete and is suitable for indoors and outdoors. Its form is created by a mould based on a drawing by Hayon.

Bench B

Reminiscent of the famous Barcelona chair from 1929, the Bench B was created by the award winning simplistic designer Konstantin Grcic during his time at the German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome. The wrought iron benches which furnish the parkway of the academy’s premises inspired him to this aluminum bench.


This classic pop art furniture is actually designed by the most influential surrealist ever: Salvador Dalí. It is the famous sofa in the shape of a mouth which the artist created together with Oscar Tusquets in 1972 for the Mae West room of the Museum Figueres. Over forty years later it is still one of the most eye-catching and flamboyant outdoor pieces around.

Side Table B

Fitting for in- and outdoors, the Side Table B is a complimentary match for Bench B. The solid table is made of a single block of architectural concrete with polymeric resin.


The Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove has created public seating that has all the character of exuberantly lively sculpture, with forms designed to engage the emotions. And its very generous dimensions allow it to seat up to ten people at once, as well as making children having a whale of a time. It is made from rotation-moulded polyethylene, a 100% waterproof material that is dyed during the manufacturing process to suggest an infinite spectrum of attractive colours.

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iPot: furnished with green

iPot is a modular planting system that lets creativity reign. It is produced by the design studio Supercake, based in Milan and Cagliari.

iPot is a simple way to arrange plants in outdoor and indoor settings, to create “little home gardens”, with the possibility of storing books and other objects. The flexible structure of iPot is assembled by combining lightweight elements via interlocking tubes and joints with attached planter bags to hold the greenery. Made from cotton, teflon or linen bags allows your plants to take center stage, on the iPot shelf system or off. The waterproof internal layer of iPot bags, allows you to put directly your plants in the soil.

A modular, freestanding, lightweight and flexible structure: The assembly takes place through a series of combined elements that interlock each other (tubes and joints), and you can play around with the various add-ons, such as: bags to hold the plants and other objects, like shelves, aquariums and lighting.

From a single pot to the creation of complex structures, it is possible to devise “ad hoc” configurations for each environment and needs – infinite forms, but also a wide range of materials and colors for all its accessories.

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Reclaimed – Outdoor Furniture in Harmony with Nature

For the production of the outdoor collection “reclaimed – living in harmony with nature” not a single tree has been cut.

The furniture company RS Interior GmbH from Germany has developed a new collection of sturdy and natural looking seats and tables for outdoor living. The philosophy of this range is based on up-cycling and the cradle-to-cradle® concept. This means that the materials used are viewed as nutrients circulating in a restorative way. Every piece is handcrafted and unique.

The furniture is made from 60 to 100 years old wood (pine, elm), which originates from old doors, roof rafters, planks, windows and other used timber. Each part of the timber is different in color, surface, and appearance.

Connections of the individual parts of the furniture are made – where it is feasible – with dowels and pins. Nails are generally not used, because they cannot provide for a permanent and stable connection. Where it is not possible to connect the wooden parts with dowels and pins, stainless steel screws guarantee a permanent connection.

The collection had its debut at the spoga+gafa 2014 in Cologne.

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