Unopiu Expanding: Five New Showrooms Opened

Unopiu is on a course of expansion. The Italian expert for garden furniture and facilities opened up five new locations in the last few months.

In May, two shops in Bologna and Bari were opened. The brand has already been established in these cities  in the last years, but the new stores are now in a more central and much more renowned area. Additionally, they introduced innovative new forms of presentation for the wide range of Unopiu furniture.

Furthermore, three brand new franchise-stores opened in May and June to strengthen the presence of the brand in Europe. Two of them in the south Italian cities Cosenza and Messina, the third in Zagreb – the first Unopiu-shop in Croatia. According to the company, this is proof for the enormous potential for Italian design in Europe.

Unopiu is now running 38 showrooms in total, 16 of them in Italy.

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Weber-Stephen: World Cup Celebration with Thomas Müller

A dream came true for 22 football fans who celebrated the World Cup victory of the German team together with Thomas Müller two days after his return home! This exclusive welcome-back-party over the roofs of Munich was organized by the BBQ experts of Weber-Stephen.

The lucky winners of the competition had the chance to join the five time world cup scorer at the grill and enjoy a four course meal with the support of Weber-Grillmasters. When they asked Thomas Müller about his World Cup experiences he said: “Winning the title was total madness. It will take a while until we fully realize what we have accomplished there. The last weeks have been absolutely awesome. But I am also happy to be back home now, to relax while grilling and then going on vacation.”

Afterwards there was a table foosball tournament among the fans and the winner had a final game with Thomas Müller and won a “Go-Anywhere” Weber grill.

With the winning of the title the cooperation between Weber-Stephen and Thomas Müller is at a peak, according to the company. “It’s such a fortune for us to work together with Thomas Müller.” said the CEO of Weber-Stephen Germany, Frank Miedaner. “We kept our fingers crossed for the whole duration of the tournament, and we are absolutely thrilled about his amazing football skills.” Weber was accompanying Müller and the German fans at the World Cup in Brazil.

Weber-Stephen is exhibitor at the spoga+gafa 2014, visitors can find them in hall 1.

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Germans Love Their Kitchen Gardens

A recent forsa survey shows that more and more Germans decide to grow their own fruit and vegetables in their gardens.

Living consciously, enjoying life consciously – people in Germany make a point by consuming more products that are harvested from ecological production. On behalf of the home improvement store chain toom, the market research company forsa surveyed 1.000 German garden owners.

68 per cent answered that they do pay attention that the fruit and vegetables they eat are coming from organic farms. Every second garden owner said that they grow fruit, vegetables or herbs for themselves. Half of those people also mind the natural quality of the soil, seeds, seedlings and fertiliser. 73 per cent of the hobby gardeners do it for fun and, additionally, two thirds do it because of the better taste and because eating your own food is simply healthier.

Another thing that became clear was that garden work is not at all reserved for the older generations. When it comes to growing their own food, the 18-29 year olds are equally busy with garden care as the generation 60+. The most active however are people around 50. 46 per cent of the surveyed who are not working in the garden stated that the reason for this is too little time. One third said that they don’t have a “green thumb” and don’t know if their gardening attempts will be successful.

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Peak Retail: Benefits for Stationary Retailers

More and more customers search the web with their computers, smartphones and tablets before making their decision to buy products or services. For stationary retail this behavior can result in people coming into the stores only to examine the products and buying them online later from cheap discounters.

In order to counter this development, stationary retail has to offer services that can compete with the advantages the internet has to offer. Peak Retail offers a solution for retail stores like hardware or garden centres. They developed a range of tablets and touch panels that engage customers and support them in the purchase process. With the in-store devices the customers can scan products and learn about their properties and applications – on their own or together with a shop assistant.

In addition to the information the customer gains about the products he also learns about latest offers and provisions. On the other hand the retailers gain insights about the customers’ shopping profiles, preferences and behaviours, and get feedback for optimizing their product ranges and services.

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Outdoor Living Products on the Rise

Home owners nowadays discover that they can turn their gardens into extended living rooms. They invest increasingly into goods that enable them to be more comfortable in their own green spaces be it together with their family or with friends. The green industry is aware of this trend and companies that usually only sold irrigation and landscape supplies (for example Hydro-Scape) expand their range with outdoor living products to upsell current customers and to attract new ones. 

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

There are many easy to install products that help creating a comfortable and pleasant living space in the garden. Kitchen islands are available complete with sink and refrigerator and with a choice of grills with gas, coal or even a wood-burning brick oven that offers much more possibilities than a standard BBQ. A large variety of different grills can be seen at spoga+gafa 2013, where companies like Weber Stephen and RH Peterson and many others will present their latest models. The price range goes from relatively low-cost to whatever the customer wants to spend. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are becoming equally popular.

Landscape Lighting 

It has never been easier to install path lighting, accent lights, and different background lights in the garden. Latest developments in lamp technology bring a lot of innovative ideas into the garden. Creating moody atmospheres with different colours is nowadays possible without having to rearrange the whole garden and without high costs. Easily to apply LED light systems save a lot of energy.

Water Features 

Other important elements for a fulfilling outdoor living experience are different water features. Garden ponds and waterfalls occur increasingly in modern gardens. Landscapers like to install them because they are not only attractive but also highly profitable. Even mist systems can be used in backyards and condos to chill people down in the summer, for dust control or simply for cool special effects.

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