“Theme worlds at the POS shouldn’t just be exhibition spaces” – An interview with Konni van Delft (Visual Merchandiser)

Konni van Delft – Photo: konnivandelft.nl

Konni van Delft was born in North Germany, has however been living in the Netherlands since the mid 1970s. The florist has been working as a freelance visual merchandiser since 1986. She advises garden centre in the Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Italy. Sales presentations and cross-selling as well as employee training are her special areas in these sections.

Colourful start to the spring: The 2019 tulip season begins in Amsterdam on 19 January

Dam Square in Amsterdam – Photo: TulpenZeit

Even if the first tulip species are already available in the retail outlets in December and more and more people are discovering bulb flowers as decorative items for the Christmas period, the official start to the season for the early blossoming plants is not until January. To be more precise: On the third Saturday of the month, because that is when National Tulip Day is celebrated in the Netherlands.

Orchids for the Pope: The focus is on cymbidiums as Easter decorations

Main arranger Paul Deckers choosing tall cymbidiums with yellow blossoms. – Photo: pauldeckers.nl

Each year in April thousands of Catholics flock to Rome to celebrate Easter together with Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square. These images are transmitted all around the world on TV. Dutch producers and dealers have traditionally been commissioned with the lavish flower and plant decorations for the event since 1985.