Outdoor Kitchen World 2017

Outdoor Kitchen World

The outdoor kitchen for the garden that comprises of a hob and a barbecue area, sink and spacious worktop as well as storage room for saucepans and crockery is totally trendy at present. For this reason there is going to be a special themed island for the first time at this year’s spoga+gafa in Cologne, which will demonstrate the entire spectrum of possibilities: the Outdoor Kitchen World.

KIGA by Hurbz: Kitchen Garden for Metropolitans

With its elegant and modern design, Hurbz allows to cultivate kitchen gardens without restraint.

Created as a kitchen garden for urban homes, the KIGA is a modular plant container that integrates nicely outdoors into balconies, terraces and gardens as well as indoors. Its height allows working without bending down, so planting and harvesting are made with ease.

One complete Hurbz set is made of four legs pots and four interior pots. Those can be leaned against each other or against a wall. For the installation, only four screws are needed. The original XL version is 104 cm in height while the new M and S versions are 88 cm high. The material is polyethylene treated to resist ultraviolet rays. Fixing the elements is made possible through the threaded inserts built into each «leg». An additional insert located close to the ground serves to evacuate excess water from the irrigation or rain.

As a bonus, Hurbz has developed an application for iPhone and Android phones that allows Hurbz clients to receive advices from planting to harvest. This application will also allow the company to keep in touch with their customers and offer them advice from different seasons but also hints and tricks to take all the benefits from their Hurbz kitchen garden.

Further information: hurbz.com

New Emsa Products Keep Your Herbs Fresh for Weeks

There’s nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs. For 2015, Emsa presents two newly designed herb pots.

Turning 3 into 1: The Trio herb pot

The Fresh Herbs Trio mini-herb garden is suited for those who enjoy cooking with fresh herbs. Its design decoratively integrates three herb pots – and the Aqua Comfort watering system makes sure that the herbs are taken care of: Simply insert the absorbent wicks into the pots from below. The water reservoir that the pots share lets them take exactly the amount of water they need. The small, decorative flower serves as a water-level indicator and specifies when it is time for watering.

Let it grow: Herb pot with bell jar

Those who wish to grow herbs themselves without much effort can now use the Grow herb pot with bell jar: Simply fill the pot with soil and seeds. Apply the bell jar and watch the plants grow. The product includes a seed pad for basil, soil and pot. The decorative flower in the lid is an adjustable opening that ensures optimal ventilation. Once the herbs have started to grow, the bell jar is removed from the mini-greenhouse and Fresh Herbs Grow can be used as a regular herb pot. Of course, the Aqua Comfort watering ­system is included to ensure optimum growth.

The new Emsa plant pots will be available in the colours white, green, pink, anthracite in December 2014 (Trio) and January 2015 (Grow). They were introduced at the spoga+gafa 2014 garden trade fair in Cologne this summer.

Further Information: emsa.com