The Green Wheel Rotary Garden

Designed after a development by NASA to enable astronauts to grow plants in zero gravity, this project may find its way into earthbound households.

Reminiscent of something out of Kubrick’s 2001, the Green Wheel is a rotary hydroponic system concept by DesignLibero. Originally planned to be used in space, this design has been fitted towards everyday use at home. It allows people to grow a variety of different herbs and vegetables without leaving home, therefore reducing transportation and plastic packaging consumption.

With its 360 degree planting surface there is increased space for cultivating plants, compared to other hydroponic systems. Another advantage is the maximized illumination. The light source is in the middle of the wheel, radiating in all directions, close to the plants. The outer solid surface hides an engine which rotates the plants, a water reservoir and an automatic irrigation pump. The hydroponic system uses coco fiber to provide support for the plants and their roots. The controls can be managed with a smartphone or tablet.

DesignLibero is expecting to find a manufacturer for the Green Wheel soon.

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