Compo: Long-Term Fertilizers with Sheep’s Wool

Gardens are a place of joy for the whole family. Parents find relaxation from stressful work and children have lots of space for playing and running around. When it comes to the choice of the right fertilizer, more and more families are demanding eco-friendly products. Because of this, Compo offers now a range of biological long-term fertilizers with sheep’s wool.

These innovative biological long-term fertilizers are made from 50% sheep’s wool, which is pressed to pellets, together with other organic components. It is to 100% natural with an immediate effect that lasts for five months. Only one fertilization is needed to care for the plants for the whole season. The fertilizer provides long-lasting nutrition supply and has an immense capacity of storing water, which leads to strong growth and rich harvests. The pellets are able to soak in more water than their own weight. This leads to a looser soil and an increased production of topsoil.

The new Compo fertilizer range includes an universal fertilizer, for all garden plants and special compositions for tomatoes, berries, rhododendrons, conifers and roses.

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Wagner: „GreenBOX 2.0“ With More Extras

The mobile raised bed series „GreenBOX“ made by Wagner has been upgraded with even higher user benefit: a practical flap which is integrated into the wooden cover as well as a bottom board now enable the use of the storage space inside of the castor-mounted plant boxes, e. g. for watering cans, garden tools etc.

In addition, new accessories which had been especially developed for the series “GreenBOX” offer additional comfort for “GreenBOX” gardeners. A further advantage: up to now, the rolling mini gardens are available not only in natural wood, but also with a protective finish in the up-to-date trend colours taupe and lime green.

The series „GreenBOX“ had been developed especially for the trend „Urban Gardening“ for “Mini Gardens” in the cities and for small areas such as balconies and terraces. It’s because the desire of self-cultivated fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers is unabated high, even there, where the citizens do not have own gardens – a trend with upward tendency!

The “GreenBOX” comes now with new accessories: With shapely, aluminium-coloured flower pot holders made of powder-coated steel, additional planters can be placed at the wooden cover of the boxes. Made of the same material S-hooks are perfect to hang on e. g. garden utensils, decorative objects or herb bundles.

A further novelty and advantage for the trade: a special pallet placement which has been developed for the spoga+gafa 2014 with mounted sample box allows the eye-catching presentation of the “GreenBOX” with all extras on small space. Just order it ready-to-sale, arrange it and replace it flexibly, e. g. in case of season’s change.

You can find Wagner at the spoga+gafa 2014 in hall 10.1 J046+K047.

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Gardenex: 41 British Exhibitors at spoga+gafa 2014

The Federation of Garden & Leisure manufacturers Ltd, Gardenex, has been bringing together UK suppliers and international buyers at the spoga+gafa for the last 40 years. This year, visitors can once more expect a wide range of innovative gardening products from the United Kingdom.

The Gardenex association has extensive experience of product and supplier requirements in worldwide garden and leisure markets, of which Germany is one of the UK’s most important. For this year’s spoga+gafa Gardenex organized 41 British companies, ten of which will be visiting the gardening trade fair for the first time. Many of the British exhibitors have been awarded £ 1.500 UKTI cash grants towards stand space and fitting costs under an arrangement secured by Gardenex.

Some promising examples of the British products at the spoga+gafa 2014 are a gazebo that can withstand winds of hurricane-strength, solar powered and weather responsive automatic watering systems, new indoor planter covers, gifts for gardeners from the Royal Horticultural Society and vegetable cages from a product winner at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

These are the British exhibitors and where to find them:

Garden Care & Practical Garden Accessories

  • Bosmere Products Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D33)
  • Faulks & Cox Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D38)
  • Garland Products/Worth Gardening Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand C30)
  • Haws Watering Cans (Hall 9.1, Stand C34)
  • Laura Ashley/Treadstone Products Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand C33)
  • Nether Wallop Trading (Hall 9.1, Stand D31a)
  • Nutscene (1922) Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D36)
  • Parasene (Hall 9.1, Stand C38)
  • Straight PLC (Hall 9.1, Stand D32)

Garden Furniture & Outdoor Leisure

  • Bambrella (Hall 3.2, Stand H1)
  • Blastcool (Hall 5.1, Stand C79)
  • Bramblecrest (Hall 2.2, Stand F30)
  • Garden Games Ltd (Hall 5.2, Stand G38)

Plants, Planters and Plant Care

  • Gardenskill Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand E35)
  • G Plants Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D39)
  • Harrod Horticultural (Hall 9.1, Stand D37)
  • Hydrogarden Wholesale Supplies Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D35)
  • Pennine Manufacturing (Hall 9.1, Stand D38a)
  • Strata Products (Hall 10.1, Stand G58)
  • Suttons (Hall 9.1, Stand C36)
  • VegTrug (Hall 9.1, Stand D30)
  • What More UK Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand A29)
  • Woodlodge Garden Products (Hall 9.1, Stand E36)

Garden Lighting and Decoration

  • Smart Solar (Hall 9.1, Stand C39)
  • The Solar Centre Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand D34a)
  • Home2Garden (Hall 9.1, C32)

Garden Tools

  • Crest (Hall 9.1, Stand E33)
  • Burgon & Ball (Hall 9.1, Stand E31)
  • Darlac (Hall 9.1, Stand E39)
  • Greenman Garden Tools (Hall 9.1, Stand D36a)

Garden Clothing

  • Briers (Hall 10.1, Stand A51)

Water Technology

  • Irrigatia (Hall 9.1, Stand C36a)
  • Porous Pipe (Hall 9.1, Stand E30)

Garden Buildings

  • Nordic Garden Buildings (Hall6.1, Stand A58)
  • Trimetals Limited (Hall 6.1, Stand C51)
  • Yardmaster (Hall 6.1, Stand A43)
  • Vitavia Garden Products Ltd (Hall 6.1, Stand A48/B49)

Pest Control

  • Catwatch (Hall 9.1, Stand D34)
  • STV International Ltd (Hall 7.1, Stand E11)

Other Products

  • Envira Products Ltd (Hall 9.1, Stand C38a)

Gardenex can be found in hall 9.1, Stand E34. They have an multi-lingual staff, experienced in the UK gardening industry and export business. For overseas buyers this is the place to gather information about British garden and leisure products.

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Emsa: The New Landhaus Bird Feeder – for Winter and Summer Use

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch birds feed even on the smallest of balconies? No problem whatsoever with the new Landhaus Bird Feeder by Emsa. In vibrant colours and trendy picket fence look, this item is a wonderful eye-catcher on terrace or balcony all year round.

During the winter months, the new bird feeder serves as the ideal snack station for the great Tit, Pied Flycatcher or many other species of small songbirds: Fill the feeder with birdseeds and fruit or hang a fat ball on the separate hook. During the hot months of summer, it serves as a colourful birdbath or refreshing drinking trough. And it is also absolutely hygienic: In comparison to conventional bird feeders made of wood, it is very easy to clean thoroughly. Simply take it apart into two parts. 100% weatherproof and “made in Germany”, the bird feeder is the ideal extension to the Landhaus bird house.

Clever fastening options

The bird feeder can be hung in a tree or on the wall of your house. If you want to fasten the bird feeder to the balcony railing or a downpipe, the new universal holder with its robust, weatherproof Velcro fastener is simply ideal. And with the new rod holder, simply stick it into the ground.

Emsa is exhibitor at the spoga+gafa 2014 in Cologne and can be found in hall 10.1 at stands E010 and F011.

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Winner of the Red Dot Award 2014: Watering Solutions from Japan by Takagi

Takagi is a Japanese family enterprise, founded by Toshio Takagi in 1961 . They started out as a manufacturer for precision metal and synthetic casting moulds for the industry and turned out to be the leading producer for watering products in Japan today.

Their products are compact, extremely lightweight, easy to handle and made from durable ABS-plastics. One of the products new features is the soft and gentle water stream with an impressive range that is produced by specially moulded conic holes in the head. According to the company, they have a complaint rate of 0.03%, a sign of the customers satisfaction.

Winner of the Red Dot Award 2014: The Premium Nozzle (Handy Type)

This allround nozzle can be used for various watering purposes. The design is ergonomic, functional and gives a safe grip.

It is constructed for a simple use with one hand. The Premium Nozzle has four continuously variable water streams, which are adjusted with the thumb. The “One-click function” allows a one-handed locking of the water stream.

Watering Wand

The Watering Wand makes it possible to target plants and flowers that are out of reach. When the water is flowing, it balances lightly in the hand. The grip is made of soft rubber and is easy to hold with a wet hand. Just as the Premium Nozzle it has four different spray patterns and the one-click locking mechanism.

Compact Hose Reel

The Compact Hose Reel is a watering set for small gardens, balconies, terraces and for different outdoor activities. It includes a hose (10 or 15 meters), a supply hose with the Compact Nozzle and a storage case. It is under two kilos in weight, but very durable. The hose itself has a special coating, making it easier to rewind and not twisting. Japanese compactness and practicality make it a handy solution and an alternative to the old fashioned hose drum.

In Germany, a selection of Takagi products is available in numerous garden centers and they are constantly expanding their range.

Visitors of the spoga+gafa 2014 will be able to have a close look at their watering innovations in hall 6.1 at stand C029.

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