Jungle Gym: Customizable Playground Systems for Gardens

The Dutch company Jungle Gym offers playgrounds for every private area and budget. The playsets can be combined to satisfy individual wishes.

Climbing, running, sliding: Haven’t we all collected some of the fondest memories of our childhood on playgrounds? Jungle Gym designs, manufactures and markets innovative playground equipment that stimulates children’s creativity, movement and coordination. Their range for private gardens includes sets in the style of boats, trains and hanging bridges including swings, climbing walls and slides; playtowers in different sizes, playhouses and extensive playparadises that leave no wish unfulfilled.

Next to the pre-designed playgrounds, Jungle Gym also offers modular elements that can be combined according to the individual wishes of the customers. Some examples for extra equipment are picnic tables, mini markets, etc. and connecting hanging bridges. Small accessories like rope ladders and fireman’s poles can be bought as well. The playhouses “Grow with me” are designed to start out small and as the children grow older place you can lift that same playhouse on a frame to create an XL playhouse with ladder and slide.

Jungle Gym emphasizes the safety of their playgrounds. Specially designed components like caps to cover the bolt heads, Bumper Pads™, handgrips and ground anchors are included wherever necessary. All of their products are tested, monitored by DEKRA (German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association) and have a GS certification.

Jungle Gym uses pressure treated pinewood for all of their playgrounds. Their materials are safe to touch for children, with rounded edges and corners, UV-resistant and weatherproof.

The Jungle Gym playgrounds were exhibited at the spoga+gafa 2014 in Cologne.

Further Information: www.junglegym.com

Gre: Above Ground Pools with Rattan Cover

The Spanish company Manufacturas Gre is one of the leaders in Europe when it comes to above ground pools for the garden. They are offering a wide range of products, including pools in several sizes and in different styles, and accessories for pool maintenance.

Their latest range of pools is equipped with hulls made of rattan. They integrate seamlessly into many outdoor places. This style of pools gives a fresh and sophisticated look and turns terraces and gardens into the perfect places to enjoy leisure time and relax.

Rattan is a material that resembles wicker but has different fibers that create much more striking combinations. This type of decoration is not only used in furniture, the latest pools combine rattan decoration in the outer wall of the pool with steel profiles in grey color.

A pool that is integrated into the garden stands out and gives an added value to it. Rattan pools become the perfect complement to any garden or terrace maintaining natural materials and preserving the taste for elegance.

Manufacturas Gre offers various models in different heights: 120 and 132cm, round or oval shapes and sizes ranging from a diameter of 350 to 550cm, and oval pools with a length up to 730cm and a width up to 375cm.

Gre has been exhibitor at the spoga+gafa 2014 in Cologne.

Further Information: gre.es

STORUS by DEGARDO: Illuminated Plant Containers with Organic Lines

Shaped like river gravel, these pots are a combination of garden sculpture, plant container and seating object.

The DEGARDO GmbH has specialized in the development, the manufacturing and the distribution of lifestyle- and design pieces for in- and outdoors. Their products are being used in the furnishing of facilities, the greening of indoor places and more and more in the landscaping business. But their XXL pots are also growing in popularity with private customers. Objects by DEGARDO are attractive garden sculptures, plant containers, partitions and sometimes you can even sit on them. They are resistant to UV-rays and extreme temperatures and are very robust.

The STORUS line by DEGARDO is an established range of harmonically formed containers that can be used outside in the garden or inside. They feature an alternative design language to customary round and rectangular plant containers. Their organic lines are reminiscent of river gravel and blend in with the natural environment. They come in five sizes and you can choose between light and dark granite or the translucent illuminated version, which lights up and unveils a unique atmosphere in the evening. The latest products in this line are STORUS III, IV and V.

The STORUS II container has been awarded with the Red Dot Award 2014. The statement of the jury was: “The STORUS plant container combines a natural aesthetic with multifunctional product properties at a high standard.” They were also on display at the spoga+gafa 2014 in Cologne.

Further information: degardo.de

elho: The European Collection 2015

The Dutch manufacturer elho has been in the pottery business for 50 years now. They are one of the market leaders in Europe when it comes to synthetic pottery and related products. With the collection for 2015, they are bringing 67 new products to the market. Their pots and garden accesories are distributed by more than 3500 retailers in over 75 countries. Last September, visitors of the spoga+gafa 2014 had the chance to get an impression of their latest product range.

Indoor Collection

Elho has the world’s largest collection of indoor pottery. The products range from basic requisites to innovative designs. The “b.for soft square” and “b.for soft air” plant holders are fine examples for contemporary and simple designs.

Outdoor Collection

2015 has been declared the “Year of the Balcony”. This inspired elho to create practical flower holders like the “loft urban flower bridge” that can be fixated to railings or the “corsica easy hanger”.

Green Basics

Green Basics is a first step from elho towards a more ecological handling of their synthetic materials. The products of this line are made from recycled plastics. Used products are ground up, processed into a unique blend and then into pellets to be used as the raw material for green basics. One example is the “green basics growpot starter set”, which allows you to grow your own herbs and vegetable cuttings.


The products of the Pure collection are inspired by contemporary architecture. The pots are handmade from polyethylene and are resistant to temperatures between -20 and 40 degrees Celsius. The “pure soft brick” and “pure cone” are perfect for luxurious plants and create a cozy atmosphere.

Further Information: elho.com

Graf Rainwater Tanks – Adding a Decorative Touch to the Garden

The rainwater specialist Otto Graf is expanding its huge range of decorative rainwater tanks and extraction units. The new multi-functional Stone 2in1 rainwater tank, the Barrica water butt and the Roma and Venezia stone fountains all combine functionality with design.

Stone 2in1: natural stone look rainwater tank

Following the successful launch of the Color 2in1 product range, Graf is adding the Stone 2in1 product range to its tanks. These tanks are characterized by their smooth granite look surfaces available in silver and lava colours. The simple lines fit particularly well with the restrained colours. Like the multi-award-winning Color 2in1, the new range has two functions. Firstly, the rainwater tank can hold 350 l of water and secondly, it can be individually decorated with a plant cup. Thanks to its height and conical shape, the Stone 2in1 only needs a space of 62 cm in diameter. The Stone 2in1 is available with two integrated brass threads. The design chrome tap, available as an option, further enhances the tank.

Barrica water butt: rustic wooden look

Fans of the rustic style will love Graf’s new Barrica water butt. The 260 l capacity butt looks like a wooden wine barrel. The removable lid is very handy, allowing water to be easily taken out with a bucket or watering can. The lid is also child-proof. The rustic look water butt is available with an additional convenient connection for extracting water using the universal hose set or for fully draining before the frosts set in. To ensure that leaves and dirt don’t enter the rainwater tanks, Graf recommends fitting the Speedy rain collector. The filter is fitted in the downpipe, retains large dirt particles and automatically prevents overflowing when the tank is full. In the winter, the inlet to the tank can be shut off.

Venezia and Roma stone fountains: bella figura

The new Roma and Venezia stone fountains are a stylish, yet easy to install extraction unit. Manufactured from weather-resistant plastic and available in light granite or red stone, these fountains with an attractive natural stone look are fine additions to Mediterranean gardens in particular. The stone fountains are supplied pre-assembled. The low-weight plastic fountains are very easy to install. The fact that the fountains can be connected from below using a standard ¾-inch hose connection makes them particularly useful. Not only are they suited to connection to the drinking water system, they can also serve as an additional extraction point if part of a complete system with underwater rainwater tank. Water is extracted via a nostalgic-looking tap.

Further Information: graf.info