In the garden with: Ferdinand Graf von Luckner (photographer)

Ferdinand Graf von Luckner – Photo:
Ferdinand Graf von Luckner – Photo:

Ferdinand Graf von Luckner studied Photography and Film Design in Dortmund and graduated with a degree in Photo Design. He has been working for various European magazines and book publishers as a freelancer for many years. His focus lies on interior design and the garden. He was responsible for the photography of many books e.g. „Die Traumgärten Neuseelands entdecken (Discover the dream gardens of New Zealand)”, „Die geheimen Gärten von Wien (The secret gardens of Vienna)“ and „Der Garten von Hermann Hesse (The garden of Hermann Hesse)”.

Urban green in Berlin: International Horticultural Exposition 2017

IGA Berlin 2017: International garden showcase - Australia - Copyright: Lichtschwärmer
IGA Berlin 2017: International garden showcase – Australia
– Copyright: Lichtschwärmer

The German capital is inviting guests to the International Horticultural Exposition (IGA) from 13 April onwards under the motto “A SEA of colours”. IGA Berlin not only wants to make garden art more experienceable worldwide – the festival also intends to set new impulses for contemporary urban development.

“Gardens of the Year 2016”: competition of Garten + Landschaft

The “Gardens of the Year” prizes were awarded for the first time this year. The winners have been determined since 16 February: architecturally clear lines, blossoming shores and expansive greenery received the award presented by the magazine Garten + Landschaft.

In addition to the magazine, Callwey Verlag and other partners are among the initiators of the competition for the German-speaking world. Sought out were private gardens that have been professionally designed by landscape architects or gardeners and landscapers. Called for were holistic concepts and a strong idea behind the use of plants, materials and products. From a total of 153 submitted projects, 50 made it to the final selection; the first place prize winner and three other projects will now be honoured with awards.

The first prize went to the Orel + Heidrich agency for the designing of an expansive house garden in Erlangen. The coherent spatial concept refers to the architecture of the residential building. An existing stock of pines was also cleverly integrated into the planning. The special atmosphere of the garden is characterised by the contrast of strict formal elements and luxurious perennials.

Three other projects were also honoured: the special prize of the jury went to the Design Associates agency, which supervised the renaturation of a wet meadow landscape in Seeshaupt. In the process, the ecological aspects of sensitive shore areas were especially considered. The special prize in the category “Green Architecture” went to a house garden in Bad Zwischenahn developed by Koch & Koch garden and landscape architects. An expansive villa garden in Meerbusch from the WKM Weber Klein Maas agency was convincing in the category “English Landscape Garden”.

All 50 projects including photos, plans and detailed product descriptions can also be found in a book appearing for the competition.

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Robolinho® 4000: High-Performance Robotic Lawn Mower by AL-KO

The fully automated robotic lawn mower Robolinho® 4000 takes care of green areas of up to 2.000 square meters.

Every garden enthusiast knows that gardening can be fun and the exercise helps you to stay in shape. But for some people this work can become a tedious chore, especially for people who are physically not able to work that much. The Robolinho® 4000 by AL-KO can make gardening much easier.

The 4000 is the largest of the fully automated mowing robots made by AL-KO. It can mow up to 2.000 square meters of lawn, no matter the time of day or the weather. It is equipped with a double-blade technology, which helps fertilizing the lawn: The cut blades of grass are getting chaffed inside the Robolinho and then blown out again, turning into natural fertilizer. The lawn doesn’t dry out anymore, keeps its shape and no green waste has to be disposed. The robot is easy to handle and the cutting height can be adjusted from three to six centimeters.

The Robolinho® 4000 finds his own way back to the recharge station. It can go up slopes of up to 35 degrees without effort and it detects and bypasses obstacles by itself. A code protects the robot from theft.

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