Fiskars: PowerGearX Loppers Win German Design Award 2016

The new loppers work with Fiskars’ patented PowerGear™ mechanism.

According to the Finnish garden tool manufacturer Fiskars, their latest PowerGear Loppers offer an up to three times more effective cutting performance compared to other pruning devices. Their patented mechanism gives the user additional power exactly in the moment when it is needed, at the beginning of the cutting process and when cutting through the heart of wood.

Security and ease of use are the most important factors for Fiskars when it comes to choosing their materials. The grips with their three-dimensional structure prevent that the tools slip out of hand while working, even in wet and dirty conditions. The arms of the loppers are made of lightweight durable aluminum. The precision cut blades from stainless steel are covered with a non-stick coating.

The new PowerGearX L-Series consists of three bypass-Loppers and one anvil-lopper. The bypass-blades are suited for cutting fresh greens. They create a clean cut surface that heals quickly. The anvil cutter has more power and is suited for wooden branches.

The jury of the German Design Award justified their choice with the following statement: “The Fiskars PowerGearX Lopper bypass L is an extremely robust and high-quality manufactured lopping shears that effortlessly cuts through branches up to 5 cm in diameter. This is due to the great leverage of the long handles as well as the bypass blades, while the lower blade makes the cutting even easier and sees to clean cutting spots – an excellent garden tool in the characteristic Fiskars design.”

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XP Power for Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Engines: New Ecological Machine Fuel by Husqvarna

The world’s largest producer of motorized appliances for forestry, landscaping and gardening introduces two new eco-friendly fuels for two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

XP Power for Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Engines -
XP Power for Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Engines –

The new ecological special fuel XP Power for two-stroke engines is blended with 2% fully synthetic and biodegradable oil, which is ideal for chainsaws, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, snow blowers and most appliances with air-cooled two-stroke engines.

The new four-stroke fuel can be used with different kinds of lawnmowers and garden tractors. According to Husqvarna, the valves and pistons of appliances with four-stroke engines are kept clean for a longer time than with regular fuels, resulting in a longer life span and safer use.

Both of the new special fuels are alkylate petrols, without any toluene, sulfur or olefins. Because they are fully synthetic they are combusting without any residues like lead and benzol. Sulfur is reduced to a minimum. This means a lower risk of health issues when working with exhaust fumes, compared to other fuels. Longer periods of storage lead to no loss of quality.

The use of fuels that are less harming for environment and health is getting more important in the industry. In Germany the use of alkylate petrols is already mandatory in many parts of the agriculture and forestry industries.

Both special fuels will be available in June 2015.

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STIHL ASA 85: Rechargeable Branch Cutter for Professionals

Precision, high speed, energy saving ergonomics, a powerful battery, easy maintenance and a long service life: the new branch cutter from STIHL has everything what is needed for professional use.

The main applications are pruning and cutting back of plant parts in gardens, parks, tree nurseries, vineyards and orchards. The included rechargeable battery pack AP 180 provides enough energy for a whole working day. But the ASA 85 can also be used with other battery models by STIHL.

The ASA 85 is made for professionals and is able to cut branches up to a thickness of 45 millimeters. For smaller sizes it is possible to reduce the opening of the cutter head electronically to 70, 60 or 50 percent, saving time and battery energy.

The construction for the battery can be worn just like a backpack. It is designed to relieve the back muscles as much as possible so even long working hours are possible with it. The controller is easily reachable attached to the belt. There is also a holster to put away the scissors. For safe use, acoustic signals notify about the operational states. The scissors can be used by right and left handed people alike.

The STIHL ASA 85 is available now in selected stores.

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Karro – The Revolution of the Wheelbarrow

At their first visit on the spoga+gafa, the Fluidform GmbH, established in Ettenheim/Germany presented their new wheelbarrow “Karro”, the first of its kind made entirely out of plastics.

Already at the production it has been paid attention on a clean ecological assessment. All resources get used in the most efficient way due to the material saving and intelligent multiples usage of the especially developed quality plastic.

Principally, according to Fluidform, the production of the plastic wheelbarrow needs less energy than standard metal wheelbarrows. Later recycling circulations are also more environmentally friendly, because the material can be formed and used repeatedly.

By its construction and material principles taken from the nature, Karro is extremely light and robust with a weight of only 9kg. The particularly low center of gravity, the ergonomic handles and the functional rolling motion are crucial for particularly easy and non-strenuous transportation and emptying. Additional characteristics like chemical resistance, no risk of rusting and 100% recyclable material ensures that Karro stands out from the competition.

The awards of the Red Dot Design Award 2013 and the German Design Award Gold 2014 proved it two times that the Karro is something different.

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EGO Lawnmower: Power Revolution in the Garden

The most powerful and fastest recharging battery powered range of garden products in the world, that goes head-to-head with petrol for performance, is launched under the EGO brand in hall 06.1 on stand 052 at spoga+gafa 2014.

With a promise that they are as powerful as petrol equivalents but without the noise, fuss or fumes, EGO unveils its 56-volt lithium-ion battery powered lawnmower, hedge cutter, line trimmer, chain saw and blower, taking cordless technology to a new, higher level.

In less than six months sales in the United States have established EGO as one of the fastest selling cordless garden product brands in the country and now the 56-volt lithium ion powered range will be available throughout Europe. EGO is ideal for all European garden conditions, regardless of size, location and weather.

Running costs are approximately one tenth of that for petrol powered equivalents. This factor, plus reduced noise, vibration and a total absence of operating emissions is a compelling environmental argument in favour of EGO. 

“We describe EGO as ‘Power Beyond Belief’ and it really does have to be experienced to fully appreciate what we are saying,” says EGO Europe’s Marketing Director, Steve Roskell. “This is a direct challenge to petrol, electric and existing cordless garden products. We have re written the powered garden products rule book.

“It is the first ever range of cordless outdoor powered equipment capable of matching or surpassing the performance of petrol powered machines without any of the noise, fuss or fumes. EGO products are powerful, quiet and easy to use,” adds Steve.

The lawnmower is sold complete with battery and charger whilst the other products in the range are sold without them (although they can be purchased separately) which means really attractive retail prices.

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